Sleepy Hollow – “Awakening” Review

Sleepy Hollow - "Awakening"Henry is making his moves this week, essentially drawing other witches to unleash their power against their knowledge. Considering, none of the people effected likely knew they had these powers, their outbursts that harmed others came out of nowhere. A bell placed in the square triggers the witch powers. Anyone with range will be activated.

Katrina has finally made a somewhat interesting turn in her character. Her delving into dark magic and working with her son whether she is cognizant of her actions or not has created another layer for her character. Henry has been able to manipulate her and Katrina of all people is most vulnerable to his sway. Her devotion and love for her son blinds her to what Henry’s after. It is strange that it isn’t until she’s siding with Henry that she has portrayed as a stronger character. Katrina truly went all in with her devotion to being a witch and with her son. She completely renounces Crane. And while I don’t understand the complete and total 180 with no remorse, it’s been a long time coming. In many ways this is something that her character needs to move forward. That doesn’t change the emotional blow it is to Crane. Nor does it change how much of a blow it is to no longer have a witch on their side.

Sleepy Hollow - "Awakening"Crane and Abbie were in this alone. Jenny was off dealing with Frank, while they confronted Henry to try to prevent them from using the bell. This gave Crane the chance to really address things properly. Henry has been holding a grudge against Crane his entire life, however, Crane hadn’t even known that Henry existed until well after he had gone bad. Heck, Crane died before Henry was ever born. Yet Crane has been victimized while Henry claimed he was the one wronged. It’s good this was finally addressed. however, no sooner did we have that did we reach a point where Katrina could never be redeemed. She crossed a line and seemed to do so with no hesitation. She may not have effectively killed Abbie, but she attacked the car with every intention to do so. Katrina can not be forgiven for that.

For the entire season we’ve been building toward the witnesses stopping Henry. It finally happened that he was killed and in his final moments he was able to have a good moment with his father. It seemed that the spirit of the horseman faded and he could be caring again. They had a moment, but that was not extended to Katrina who saw this as the final betrayal. She had every intention to kill Crane, but first she was to return back in time to prevent ever saving Ichabod. Unfortunately, Abbie was swept up in the traveler spell bring her back in time. Not a very good thing for a black female in the the 1700s. Thus her only choice is to call for Crane and hope that he will listen to her pleas.Sleepy Hollow - "Awakening"

One of my major criticisms of this episode was the use of flashbacks. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about this show is how it doesn’t play down the intelligence of their audience. I felt like they took a step back in that regard in this episode as they showed us clips associated to the dialogue. Yes, it could help the uninitiated audience, but it slows things down awkwardly for everyone else.

What did you think of the episode?

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