The Originals – “I Love You, Goodbye” Review

The Originals - "I Love You, Goodbye"The wedding we’ve been waiting for that seems to have been brewing for ages is finally being pushed to the forefront. It’s been taking a while and I’m glad that this wedding is happening. It’s extravagant, but I would expect no less from an event that Klaus puts on. The more interesting aspect of the entire affair was just how much every one of the Mikaelson’s refer to her as family. No matter how you look at it, she isn’t actually one of them, yet it seems like we are being forced to believe that she is truly seen as one of them that they would fight for. I don’t totally buy it even though the show wants that from me. That said, I do believe that they have a very strong vested interest in each other.

I was glad that Hayley confronted Elijah properly. There has been a chemistry between the two since the beginning. It was great that they finally came together, but Elijah spent too much time pushing her away. I was glad that she essentially told Elijah to go away because he had his chances and he blew them. Jackson however, never blew her off and can help many more people with this marriage. Hayley has never been a particularly strong character, occasionally rebelling and more often than not just following what the others say.

The Originals - "I Love You, Goodbye"With the wedding out of the way, that lead to a perilous position for Jackson who Klaus wanted him dead. The gifts have been endowed on the pack. Klaus is ready to kill Jackson to protect his secrets. Elijah is really the only thing standing in the way of Klaus carrying out the pursuit. Thus Klaus spun the situation on its head revealing exactly who Hope is and inviting Jackson to live with the Mikaelsons.

The Mikaelsons also had to deal with the impending death of Kol. The hex Finn put on him was draining him to the point of near death. Rebekah was unable to help him reverse the hex, so he spent his remaining time with Davina. While Davina has been largely neutered this season, she has had sparks with Kol. It was enjoyable to see them together, but even more satisfying to see his family come to his side. They love him and it’s good to know that they will work to save Kol.

What did you think of the episode?

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