Trying New Things: Kindle

I hate trying new things. Don’t get me wrong, I do try new things be cause I understand the logic behind it and see how useful trying new things actually is. Putting yourself out there so you can try something you haven’t before is important when it comes to creating and experiencing new things. One never knows what one will like before they try something. You can get the idea that you may like something, but until you dive in there is no guarantee.

Lately, I’ve been trying a lot of new things. It isn’t something I’m particularly fond of, but I’m also the kind of person who isn’t going to make a fuss. Thus when I have limited options, none of which I am thrilled about, I’m very likely to grit my teeth and push through (provided I can’t find a good out). Generally, my perceptions of how I’ll react to something new are pretty on point. However, every so often I am surprised. Something I thought I would have disliked, I come to love. That is something considering I’m the kind of person who is more than happy with sticking with the small array of things I like.

My current endeavor into new things is addressing the elephant in the room. The Kindle.

I read a lot. I’m talking I’m reading 3 things on goodreads right now. I read every single day. Not to mention that in 6 weeks of the new year, I read more books than the average American does in a year. It’s ludicrous. More often than not, I would rather stay in and read than go out with people. When I do go out, I find myself thinking about how much I could have read in that time. It’s currently an addiction, but there are worse things to be addicted to. Generally, to satiate my need to read I go to the library and every so often buy books. I’ve bought 10 books this year already. I’ve borrowed at least 6 books from the library so far. That’s not even including all the manga I read. It wasn’t until I sat back and looked at my new books spread across the top of my tiny bookcase, did I realize I may have a problem.

I love reading trade paperbacks. There’s something about the size and the feel of them in my hands I enjoy. I read in bed and like holding open a book. I like when I pass out and drop the book and it just rests there until I rouse. I have too many books though. Not nearly as many as other people considering all the library trips I make. I’m recognizing that I have a potential problem before it gets out of hand. So I decided I would try out my boyfriend’s kindle before I commit to one myself.

Thus far, I have few few impressions. I’ve been with the device for one night and as I expected I’m not in love with it. It’s too small for my liking, in the sense that I like using two hands when I read. On the kindle I feel like I am more hand than words. I’m also left feeling like the stories aren’t sucking me in as much as the words do on a real page. However, I haven’t given up hope. I’m going to give the kindle a proper shot as I read a book I’ve been waiting to get to for a while. It may just take time for me to adjust. I love the convenience so much it’s not funny, but I want to feel the same immersion I do when I get lost in words on paper.

3 thoughts on “Trying New Things: Kindle

  1. While physical books will always hold a special place; Kindles are the perfect device for those who read in bed. The first obvious benefit is if you have a paperwhite or and old school one with a light in the cover then you can read next to someone without disturbing them. But that is not the real reason to love your kindle. When you are laying in bed, in the perfect position, do you ever hate left-hand pages at the beginning of the book or right-hand pages at the end? The curve and uncomfortable hand position to read all the way into the crease. Once you are comfortable with a Kindle then the reading area is always perfect. It is a small thing, but may help you find a place for the device in your heart.

    • I’m hoping I can get used to it just simply for the ability to bring books more places. I’m giving it an honest shot. I don’t think I’ll ever be the kind of person who gives up my physical books though.

      • Definitely not. With each book you have to chose “paper vs. plastic” but I run a combination of paper, kindle and audiobooks. Each have their place. Good luck, have fun.

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