Agent Carter – “Snafu” Review

Agent Carter - "Snafu"What is interesting is that Thompson is the only SSR agent interrogating Peggy that actually believes that things aren’t adding up. He doesn’t believe that things are as plain as Sousa has laid them out to be. Sousa feels nothing but betrayed by Peggy. Thus making his standing up for Peggy made them seem shallow, like she was really someone to protect all along. Then there’s Dooley who wants the truth and has no interest in letting Carter slide.

Jarvis stepped in to try to get Peggy out of the situation. He panicked when Peggy never showed up and wrote a false confession supposedly from Howard Stark. Dooley wasn’t satisfied. Again Dooley proved to be an intelligent character. The SSR is not comprised of fools and it’s nice seeing people be good at their jobs even when they are pursuing the protagonist. Dooley may be smart, but his intelligence was no match for Dr. Ivechenko’s manipulation. It still isn’t clear how exactly he’s able to do it. However it is entirely effective, capable of making people believe that they want to do things even if they themselves don’t want to. I’ll say that at the end of the day the journey and trip that Ivchenko set Agent Carter - "Snafu"Dooley on was upsetting. We were given all these glimpses of Dooley’s happy life. However, Dolly was manipulated into believing something that wasn’t real. By the time he knew it, it was too late. The fact that it was Dooley that was rigged up was even more upsetting. Dooley is abrasive, but he isn’t a bad guy. Dooley was always going to do the right thing. It was a touching show of confidence that he turned to Peggy to solve the case and get Ivchenko.

It was very like Peggy to notice that the Russian was communicating with someone else. Peggy is full of surprises, but knowing Morse code and finding a way out of a sticky situation is what she does best. Her confession of everything she’s done so far this season was perfect. Winning their trust was the only thing she could do to get them to believe that Dr. Ivechenko was up to something and every on in the SSR building was in danger. Thus it also made sense that she was able to find a way out of the locked room to get free. Granted Thompson did get to her and Jarvis before they got completely free and let them out.

Agent Carter - "Snafu"Dottie was formidable yet again. I expected her to be able to take down Sousa, but I was happy to see how long he held out. Her descent down the stairs was fascinating to watch as she scaled down the stairs as if she was in a game. The pairing with Ivchenko makes perfect sense and is fun to see them working together. Dottie with the force and Ivchenko with the mind games. I didn’t expect Dottie to attack the people in the theatre with item 17 as a test run. I will say it felt a bit of a rehash considering I just saw Kingsman: The Secret Service in which something near identical happened. However, there was a far more intense brutality that occurred in seeing this play out. However, it seems to be the exact item that was used at the battle of Fennel.

What did you think of the episode?

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