The Flash – “Fallout” Review

The Flash - "Fallout"The explosion successfully separated Ronnie and Stein without any radiation. However, it was strange enough seeing that they walked away from that explosion entirely unscathed. It was surprising to see that something was up with the two men who had been part of Firestorm. While both men checked out fine with their tests, aside from a high base temperature. They behaved oddly, picking up some traits from each other. More importantly, they are still linked to each other mentally. When Ronnie is scared, Stein can feel it and vice versa. It was that connection that ended up saving Stein.

Firestorm the state didn’t want to be separated from each other. The increasing draw they felt was actually them wanting to be whole again. Unfortunately, there came a point where they could no longer resist. What became interesting was that when they merged this time there was a balance. They didn’t fight being combined. With that they were able to work together rather than against each other. They got stronger. They were able to separate and it seems they can make the switch somewhat willingly now. However, they need to learn more about their condition and how to control it. Firestorm is them and they must now embrace their new ability and what it all means. It should be interesting to see how they deal with this inner duality in the future.

The Flash - "Fallout"None of this is to forget that Captain Eiling is still looking for Firestorm. Eiling was out for Firestorm, attacking Ronnie. Barry came to his rescue, but it left him covered in kinectically attracted spikes. Eiling had the weapon developed specially for The Flash. It was a low blow, but expected from Eiling. It was also unsurprising that Wells went along with Eiling’s request to take Stein. It was even less surprising that Wells lied about how Stein was taken, saying that they came in by force rather than the truth that he gave away Stein.

One thing I was very glad of was that Joe didn’t keep his discovery to himself. instead, he made sure that Barry knew his present self was the second speedster at the time of his mother’s death. That started the entire dialogue about time travel and if it was possible for Barry to do. It moved quickly as Wells confirmed the possibility, but threw doubt on the the specifics. It was a nice move on his part considering we know that he himself is a time traveler. Barry went to question Stein for more information, since he wrote a paper on it previously. The news that it was possible didn’t make Barry happy. He saw it for what it was. It may be true that he was able to travel back into time. It also meant that he failed at saving his mother.

I was also really glad for another glimpse of Gorilla Grodd.

What did you think of the episode?

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