The 100 – “Resurrection” Review

The 100 - "Resurrection"The bombs going off in Tond-C was only the beginning of the worries for those there. The survivors were still being attacked by the sniper who warned Mount Weather of their position. It was when the sniper took down Indra that things got real. Octavia was being thrust into a position of leadership. Indra was in charge of Tond-C and that meant Octavia had to step up and command the respect of the other seconds while Indra was incapacitated. Octavia earned it as she proved to be not only a quick thinker, but a brave risk taker. It is easy to see why they would want to respect Octavia. She’s been repeatedly proving herself.

The bombs had plenty of casualties. Those not immediately killed were either left fighting for their lives literally or figuratively. Kane was one of those who was pinned down by rubble and dying from a femoral wound. Abby was the first by his side and was there with him through the ordeal. While Abby could only see Clarke’s choice as a mistake one that was terrible and unjustified. Kane saw it as a choice she made based on what she learned from them. It was a nice philosophical question. The biggest upset I found from this situation was that it was Kane dying and not Abby. Thankfully, Kane was saved just in time. More importantly, Abby was brought to a point where she could see where Clarke was coming from while still acknowledging that she was heading down a dangerous path.

The 100 - "Resurrection"Clarke went off with Lexa on a mission to kill the sniper. With the sniper taking out their people from the high ground, he stood the chance of reporting back to Mount Weather. Clarke wasn’t about to let that happen. On the same trajectory was Lincoln who was going after the sniper for the sake of taking the fire off the people being shot at in the wreckage. It was notable that he noticed something odd about Clarke and Lexa’s safety outside of the woods. When Clarke finally claims the grounders as her people as well, but admits that killing the sniper didn’t make her feel any better was a big moment for her. She isn’t remotely the same person she was at the beginning of the season. It will be interesting to see how she continues to grow now that she knows her friends have actually begun to die for those in Mount Weather.

The 100 - "Resurrection"In Mount Weather, the 47 were finally fighting back effectively. Now that they had the entire floor as a base with radiation working as a helpful barrier, they could strike. The guards that came after them hard, but the 47 under Jasper’s leadership ran them off. Things really looked like they were going in favor of the 47 when we learned that Cage was fighting back by sending Maya down to them with a death sentence. While things worked out in their favor it was still an upsetting reunion for Jasper and Bellamy. A jolt of sadness ran through me when Jasper asked if Finn got his peace talks. They have been so out of the loop in regard to the tumult that’s happened outside of Mount Weather. They duped cage and are safe with people in Mount Weather who are against Cage’s practice. Bellamy however, Refused to let Jasper and Monty leave with him. He made the proclamation with the assumption that they didn’t know Bellamy was there. However, with the 47 hidden, Cage and his men wouldn’t know if Monty and Jasper left. Drama logic, I suppose.

What did you think of the episode?

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