Favorite Black SFF Characters

This week, I’ll highlight my favorite black characters in all of Science Fiction and Fantasy. I’m not going to limit myself to just literature, I’m spreading my wings between TV, Movies, and books. As long as they are a part of a Science Fiction and Fantasy property then they are fair game.

Abbie Mills (Sleepy Hollow)abbiemills

Antoine Triplett (Agents of SHIELD)triplett

Frank Irving (Sleepy Hollow)frank-irving

Lando Calrissian (Star Wars)landocalrissian

Marcel Gerard (The Originals)marcelgerard

Michonne (The Walking Dead)michonne

Morpheus (Matrix)morpheus

Nyota Uhrura (Star Trek)uhura

Sasha (The Walkign Dead)sasha

Stacker Pentecost (Pacific Rim)stackerpentecost

Zoe Washburne (Firefly)zoegif

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