Helix – “M. Domestica” Review

Helix - "M. Domestica"Last week we got a glimpse of the relationship Brother Michael had with the sisters. The fact that the sisters were his daughters was a bit creepy, however somewhat understandable. He is an immortal, that didn’t mean he had to be alone. Where it got creepy was the reveal that the sisters were just sisters, but a lineage. Agnes was Anne’s mother, just as Anne is Amy’s mother. It seems that when the daughters turn twenty, they have his kids, until they have a daughter for him. After the sermon on the island I started to wonder just how far his reach was. Are all the people in the compound in someone descendants of Brother Michael.

Amy never seems to be up to any good. It isn’t really clear as to why she is rebelling so hard. She seems to want things to change in the Abbey. She doesn’t like the status quo. Yet, she seems to hate the CDC doctors because they are threatening her way of live. However most of her upset seems to be centered over the fact that she was slighted. As such she would let the doctors suffer so she could continue her games. She doesn’t want to be Michael’s pawn so he can have an immortal child. It is like his own experiment, but it has yet to pan out over the centuries. Amy is justified in rebelling, however how she endangers all the people in the Abbey is cruel.

Helix - "M. Domestica"The compound had a major outbreak. People were filled with rage and Kyle had to pretty much deal with it alone since Sarah was largely out of commission despite being to get up. That meant Kyle had to let Alan out of lock down so he could get extra hands to care for the 30 people currently sick and dangerous. They did manage to get everyone to a point where they could be cared for. heck, they even got Brother Michael’s permission to use outside medicine. It was Amy’s releasing of Soren’s vengeful mother that made things worse. her idea to take the 30 sick from the doctors car unleashed the disease among the others. That meant they were in danger of attacking their loved ones rather than being cared for.

Julia’s scenes this weak instead comprised of events just before the goings on on the island. It seems, not surprisingly, that Ilaria is behind the disease ravaging the Abbey. Julia no longer being human, but immortal made the switch to being an Ilaria minion rather flawlessly. The problem is that she still likes like a human. She strongly opposes the proposition of genocide. It was interesting to learn that though the plan was to allow the genocide, there were other immortals who didn’t wish to see humanity exterminated.

What did you think of the episode?

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