Early Look at Jason Momoa’s Aquaman

jason-momoa-unite-the-sevenWe’ve known that Jason Momoa would be playing Aquaman for quite a long time now. Heck, it’s even been officially been announced for months now. Jason Momoa, who you likely know best from playing Khal Drogo on season 1 of Game of Thrones, will be the king of the ocean. We’ve finally got a glimpse of what his portrayal will look at.

Momoa is not blond. He is not fair skinned. Momoa is dark, tall, strong. He looks like he belongs on the waves and with them. Sure, he may have grown up in Iowa, but he has Hawaii in his blood. I’m glad they are not trying to make Momoa blond. I’m glad they aren’t trying to make him a blond princeling. Heck, they even found a way to emulate his scaled shirt in the form of tattoos. This rendition of Aquaman is certainly taking a different route.

This different route is likely the key to take Aquaman from being the butt of jokes to a force the audience actually considers formidable. The first step was casting an actor that while still attractive, is associated with tough, strong characters. Shying as far from Aquaman’s former image is really the only way that they will be able to portray that he is as strong and powerful as he is without making him laughable.

While I was admittedly not to fond with the visual portrayal of this iteration of Wonder Woman, I am on board with this. Where Wonder Woman didn’t look capable or efficiently covered in a believable way, Aquamon looks like he rose straight from this sea. His partially locked hair as though it was caught in undertow, his water logged armor, scale tattoos give an impression that he is not to be messed with.

This image also comes with a confirmation that Aquaman will indeed be introduced in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

What do you think of the new look?

2 thoughts on “Early Look at Jason Momoa’s Aquaman

  1. OMG, I love it! And I’m loving most of the new costumes and looks that have been going around lately. He looks a lot less ridiculous and squishy now, like a real hero instead of something that’s washed up in someone’s bathtub. I still don’t like the new Wonder Woman though…seems like they could have done a little better than that.

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