Gotham – “Red Hood” Review

Gotham - "Red Hood"There was something enjoyable about the hammy nature of Red Hood in this episode. He was merely one of a hapless group of bank robbers. When their heist went not so great, they threw the money they stole to the random citizens of the bank to help their escape. For a bunch of somewhat idiots, they had some really great PR. Even one of the bank workers thought the robbers were generous in a Robin Hood sort of way. The hood passed from person to person in an eerie.

This week saw he introduction of one of Alfred’s old friends. A man who’s life had spiraled since the two men stopped serving in the military. Reggie Payne was a bit of a mess, but Bruce is the kind of kid who would offer up his home to anyone in need. it’s not as though we hadn’t seen that sort of thing before. The old friends bonded in a rather hot and cold fashion. One moment they were reminiscing about the old times, then Alfred was asking Reg to leave. Reg’s motivation’s were difficult to understand. The fact that he was in trouble was all that we were given. Alfred offered help and money, but Reg refused to elaborate. Which is why him deciding to stab Alfred came off as ridiculous. Yes, he was working for someone, but that doesn’t explain the manner in which he did things.

gothams01e17x02They didn’t try to play the Doll Maker under the radar. Sure, it hasn’t been entirely clear what was being done having only seen that the people were being harvested. It was once we were gien the silly moniker of Dolmacher. It was no surprise that she was brought up to meet with those in charge more as a way to eliminate the leadership in the basement. In true Fish fashion she ruined their plans to use her as a product for the next harvest.

I really enjoy the Penguin, however, now that he’s not scheming and double crossing people he isn’t as interesting. Seeing him so ineffectual is almost painful. I want the Penguin we had earlier in the season back.

Barbara is not a very good influence on the girls. I mean, I am very glad that she took the girls in. However, she still does not have any real goals or aspirations other than attracting the attention of a man. Selina on the other hand has goals. At least she did before she didn’t fall under Barbara’s care. The difference is that I can see Selina focusing on something. I can see Selina having a new goal that is not reliant on a man, but herself. Barbara, I’m not sure she even knows what to do other than drink and hang around. We certainly haven’t seen her do much of anything else. Which is why I was a bit happy that Selina brushed off Barbara’s bonding attempt. However, Barbara’s idea that Selina could use her appearance to meet her own needs. While Barbara’s insinuation came off as vapid, what Selina could do with that is interesting.

What did you think of the episode?

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