Sleepy Hollow – “Tempus Fugit” (Season Finale) Review

Sleepy Hollow - "Tempus Fugit"Sleepy Hollow does time travel. While it wasn’t quite as elaborate as other time travel stories, it was the simplicity that made it most effective. The goal wan’t to go back and fix things. The whole reason Abbie was in the past was because she was caught up in Katrina’s spell. Fittingly, it was a spell that would reverse with another spell. A spell that would need to be cast by Abbie’s relative, Grace Dixon. We’ve briefly encountered Grace before, but the first time that we spent any real time with her. She was skilled at what she did, but she didn’t leave much of an impact. I was however happy to see another strong female character who knew what needed to be done.

This episode hinged on the relationship between Abbie and Crane. If their chemistry didn’t work, there is no way one would believe that she knew him well enough to make him believe. In this era, Abbie is the one with all the knowledge of how things are. Unfortunately, Crane did not become the action taker. Crane was to be left in the dark still. learning that Katrina was behind all the trouble was something that Abbie would have disclosed in our time, but this Crane is too raw. However, she was still forced into a position where she needed to prove herself. All the information that she gave Crane should have been enough, but it wasn’t. It was enough to make him question if she was a crazy or not.

It was interesting that Crane threw doubt upon Katrina rather quickly. He seemed to believe that while she may have been good as he knew, he thought that the seeds of her evil must have been there the entire time. It was an interesting stance for him to take. I’m glad they didn’t try to back us into the sympathetic Crane we likely would have seen otherwise. it would have caused us to question Katrina even more. At this time we’ve already seen that Katrina has crossed to a place where there will be no return. Katrina has turned dark, determined not just to get her son and family back, but to eradicate Crane as well. It was interesting to think that she wouldn’t even bother trying to reunite her family.

Rage fueled Katrina. She wanted nothing more than her son. When the time reversal spell was broken before she could finish, she was in a rage. She’d have killed Abbie if Crane hadn’t stepped in. At the end of the say only Crane could have killed her. Anyone else and it wouldn’t have provided the necessary closure Crane would need. Things won’t be easy for Crane, but this is what needed to happen to eventually get past it.

The ending felt finished. There is no immediate threat on the horizon for the team. If Sleepy Hollow were not to be picked up, this is a satisfactory ending. However, should it get renewed, there is nothing left uncertain to draw the audience back other than the promise of new adventures..

What dd you think of the episode?

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