Agent Carter – “Valediction” (Season Finale) Review

Agent Carter - "Valediction"Last week we saw the canister that Dottie deployed in the theatre. It was Sousa who caught a whiff of the remnants of the cannister sending him into a rage that could have killed Thompson. If seeing the bodies in the theatre wasn’t enough to let you know that this was incredibly dangerous, Sousa’s attack made that clear. Dottie and Ivchenko had no problem with going big.If Dottie and Ivchenko were able to deploy the toxin, there would be a bloodbath in New York. They plan to use VE Day as a hotbed to attack as many people possible who gathered for the celebration.

This saw the return of Howard Stark yet again. This time he actually did turn himself in with Jarvis a his side. I positively love Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark. he brings the role to life. You believe that he’s a swagger wielding, scientific genius. His bouncing around the lab making sure things wouldn’t explode was fun. One has to remember that Howard Stark is a genius. Even his genius moves prove to be not enough to forgive his philandering days. Heck, he didn’t even remember he’d brought her to his hangar. We got a hint of that earlier in the season, but Dottie is the only one who actually got to smack Howard rather than Jarvis.

It was almost unfair that Ivchenko had his manipulation ring. It made it so they could control everything that howard did. Just like when we saw Dooley fall to Ivchenko’s manipulation, it was painful to see Howard fall so far. The manipulation was well seeded, leaving Howard entirely deluded. He thought he was on a mission to save Captain America when he was really just being an errand boy. The fact that the team was able to overcome something presented as powerful as Ivchenko’s manipulation is amazing.

Agent Carter - "Valediction"The fight sequence between Peggy and Dottie was a high light. The action sequences for Peggy have been so beautifully executed over the entire series. Between the choreography and cinematography, the fight sequence felt exciting. However, I was left longing for another amazing sequence like we did in the diner a couple episodes back. It didn’t feel like it build to a climax, rather it abruptly ended after one of the shows lesser verbal exchanges. Considering how much trouble Dottie has been this season, I really hoped that we’d get something a little less straight forward and more exciting. All that said, it was still a satisfyingly brutal sequence.

This was a wonderful season finale. There were was a tidy feeling to the episode as it was closed up the storylines presented in the season. Aside from Peggy’s future with the SSR and her potential relationship with Sousa, all major storylines were complete. That is not to say that there weren’t seeds planted of where things could go. Both our villains, Dottie and Ivchenko, were stopped, but not decommissioned. However, there weren’t so many loose ends and seeds scattered about that Agent Carter demands additional closure in the form of a new season.

What did you think of the episode?

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