Defunct and Potential Academy Awards

With the Oscars done and over with, it leaves me reflecting on the awards. Over the years there have been a number of Academy Award categories that have faded from vogue. Just as there are awards that are no longer given out, there are some awards that should see the light of day. Especially now when performances commonly transcend what they traditionally were. To that note, there are also categories that have been deemed defunct that may now be relevant and suitable to add.

The problem with additions is that the Oscars always goes over time. It is consistent to the point that I don’t know why they even bother thinking they can keep within the proposed time.

Defunct Categories

Best Artistic Quality of Production (1927-1928)
Best Comedy Direction (1927-1928)
Best Title Writing (1927-1928)
Best Assistant Director (1934-1937)
Best Dance Direction (1935-1937)
Academy Juvenile Award (1934-1960)
Best Engineering Effects (1929)
Best Original Musical or Comedy Score (1995-1998)
Best Score – Adaptation or Treatment (1962-1967)
Best Short Subject – Color (1936-1937)
Best Short Subject – Comedy (1932-1935)
Best Short Subject – Live Action Two Reel (1936-1956)
Best Short Subject – Novelty (1932-1935)

Proposed Categories

Best Casting – rejected in 1999
Best Stunt Coordination – rejected in 1991-2012
Best Title Design – rejected in 1999

Potential New Categories

Best Voice Acting
This is a category that really should exist. Voice acting is a skill and an art in itself. Not everyone can crawl into a booth with a mic a produce a stellar performance. Voice acting is something that can bring a picture to life. It requires skill and just as much dedication as there is for an onscreen role. Scarlett Johansson’s performance in Her was phenomenal. She brought an entire character to life that didn’t even have a corporeal form on screen. It was riveting and it deserved to be honored. There have been animated voice performances that set me to tears. With more and more of these roles appearing in films where an actor’s physical presence is taken out of the equation, leaving behind only a voice and/or physicality (mocap). Maybe it needs a different name, but I’m of the mind that we should honor these roles.

Are there any awards you think the Academy should consider or scrap?

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