12 Monkeys – “The Keys” Review

12 Monkeys - "The Keys"One of the nice touches that this show does from time to time is show just how out of place Cole is in 2015. Bringing Cole to a fancy party is something that gets to highlight is awkwardness and how much things have changed. Showing Cole grab all the tandori skewers because he doesn’t know proper etiquette is fun. Even better was that Cole is actually taking the time to slow down in 2015 and really enjoy the moment, even dancing with Cassie. He knows now that he only has a limited number of jumps yet, so he wants to take the chance to live while he can. Cole’s luck because he can go back to a non-decimated time that has the woman he loves there. It’s an opportunity he wants to embrace, but after Cole’s no time to waste attitude, Cassie doesnt much want to slow down, taking away his opportunity to simply enjoy.

Unfortunately for Cole, he’s never voiced he’s feelings for Cassie. Before last week, that wouldn’t have been an issue. With Aaron back in the picture now, he’s back my Cassie’s side. The touches and kisses are subtle, but enough for Cole to notice and get grunty about. Yes, I am acknowledging a this sort of love triangle quite a bit for a show about disease and time travel. However, it is this romance that is partially fueling Cole. Yet, it was losing Cole that really messed with Cassie. Their relationship has grown so much over the past weeks that their goodbye was one that really worked.

12 Monkeys - "The Keys"The team’s clues led them to Chechnya. There was a nice bit of cross path dysnchronization as Cole ended up in Chechnya before he was supposed to meet Cassie and Aaron to learn more about the location. Heck, he even had the virus by the time he called up Cassie. However, having the virus in hand didn’t mean that things were okay. He quickly lost control and the buyer, Wexler. it wasn’t until the virus was exposed that things really seemed to get bad. Those there got extremely sick, very fast. With the virus released, they needed to keep it contained meaning the mean in the compound needed to die with it and there. Wexler went from defiant to agreeing to going along with dying. Sure it was likely the disease wearing him down, or the revel that Cole was from the future, but things were going to end there. With Cassie and Aaron with the government ready to bomb the location in Chechnya. It was a tough emotional moment on the show, but Cassie and Cole played it well.

What did you think of the episode?

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