Gotham – “Everyone Has A Cobblepot” Review

Gotham - "Everyone Has A Cobblepot"Alfred is still too weak to really be out and about. however, one thing is clear he’s going to handle the situation on his own rather than let the police get involved. While it was good that we got a check in this episode, it was rather dissatisfying to not get much more. Ultimately they felt under used in the episode.

Jim is in an awkward position now that the cop he arrested is free. The real burn is that the testimony that set the guilty man free was thanks to Harvey Bullock. All of it was because someone had information on Harvey that they used to force him to make the false confession. This set off a string of events of Jim trying to get all the information he possibly could from anyone with a connection to Loeb. Things were truly bad and convoluted as Jim tried to suss out the truth. The reality is, Jim is trying to be an honest cop bringing justice to wrongdoers through a system that is easily manipulated.

Gotham - "Everyone Has A Cobblepot"Their investigation led them to working with Penguin. He finally showed his worth as he got him into Loeb’s parent’s house. Everything seemed fine until there were noises upstairs and things hit the fan. it got messy with the elderly couple bringing out guns on our team. Jim and Harvey got the advantage alowing them to find the noise that was in the attic. Turned out it was a very disturbed and stunted woman who was Loeb’s daughter. Conveniently we discovered that Loeb had covered up the fact that his daughter killed her her mother. Jim used this knowledge, finally playing ball with how things go down in Gotham, to manipulate Loeb into giving up what they held over Bullock’s head. It’s nice to see Jim finally digging deep into this world and not letting himself be walked over quite as much.

Fish is in a true horror show. What is going on both above and below ground is disturbing and dangerous. People are literally being used for parts. In some cases, those parts are just for show. When we saw the man Fish interacted with last episode horribly mutilated and hobbled together with man different parts. It was disturbing, but fascinating to see Fish even more entrenched. The final reveal that she’s trapped on the island and doesn’t have much choice was an effective touch.

What did you think of the episode?

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