Writing Outside of Your Typical Genre

When you write there is a sort of comfort that you have. It’s so easy to find something that you love and stick to it. When you find something that you are good at on top of that, it’s even better. Finding that comfort zone is something that can take time and you don’t want to leave once you’ve found it. stepping out into a new comfort zone can be both terrifying and fulfilling if it is the right genre.

I debated nt talking about this for a while, but I figured that I could discues it without losing my inspiration. Until recently I only wrote Science Fiction and Fantasy, mainly fantasy. I had these great ideas that I loved. There are a few stories that I still thing will be successful eventually, once I put in some additional work to tweak them to work just right. It’s all looking up and I was really feeling my stories. Heck, I was on an inspired editing bender of my epic fantasy until I stopped to write a short story for AW’s SS-SFF-SS (which was fantastic). When I came off that short story, I didn’t know what I was going to do.

Then I sat down and suddenly I was writing a YA contemporary. I didn’t know what was happening. Suddenly I just had an idea and I opened notepad. I spewed out the first couple lines that just had to come out and I pulled back. What was I thinking? I didn’t do contemporary. Heck, I barely even read it. The idea certainly didn’t feel infinitely unique, but it felt like my take on something. Suddenly, I had this kind of morose story flowing out of me like a broken dam and I didn’t know what else I could do other than write. So I did just that. A story started to spin in my head. Characters started to come to life. I had a YA contemporary on my hands and it wasn’t just some false start. It was a legitimate story that I desperately wanted to continue.

Let’s be clear. Contemporary is so not my genre. I have nothing against it. I just don’t delve into those stories because when I read I want to be taken away from the world that is familiar to me. I generally don’t want to experience another person’s journey from our world. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I absolutely love those stories to death. I just generally read fantasy. So jumping in to a contemporary story was so out of left field. It’s even more ridiculous that I’m following through.

Yet, it has been a positively freeing experience. Maybe writing YA contemporary is what I was meant to do. We’ll have to wait until it’s finished to find out.

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