Agents of SHIELD – “Aftershocks” Review

Agents of SHIELD - "Aftershocks"The opening with Gordon going through the transition after the mist was deeply upsetting. Gordon was going through a very terrifying change. He even lost his own eyes, completely sealing them off. He couldn’t even cry to express his sadness over what was happening. Skye’s mother was the person who was there for the people who transitioned. It was clear that her change was to age incredibly slowly. Skye is going to have to deal with this alone, trapped in a quarantine.

The slow build of Skye, or should I call her Daisy now (I’ll stick with Skye for the time), learning her abilities. She had no conrol. She doesn’t even know what is happening her, but she is at least taking notice that things are beginning to shake when she gets too emotional. The more intense she feels the more the quake (sorry, I’m feeling punny). It was enjoyable to piece together what happened down in the city and why Skye came out unscathed. The fact that he went so far to say that she was inhuman and that she caused the quake that literally shattered Tripp. Despite this, Fitz covered for Skye. I believe that is largely because he knows what it’s like to have the people you love look at you differently. He knows and is willing to be the support that she needs. It’s proof that Fitz is still highly effective in the team. This was the first major reconnection Fitz has had on the show.

Agents of SHIELD - "Aftershocks"Raina wasn’t dealing with the change all that well. unlike Skye, but very much like Gordon, Raina was physically changed. She wanted the beauty that Skye retained. She felt like the terrigen mists betrayed her. Not only that but Calvin is refusing to help Raina adjust. Raina’s change was difficult and traumatic and she isn’t receiving the care touch to help her transition like Skye’s mother provided Gordon. She is on her own, angry, and vulnerable. Just when Rain was ready to give up and let agents take her, she received the help she needed. it was even more satisfying to see the bubble pop around her and Gordon appear. Now an adult, Gordon not only seems to be taking her to a place where inhumans are safe, but also called her beautiful. It was just the right touch to get to Raina.

Mac and Fitz continue to get closer. They help each other, providing a safe person for them to talk to. However, I didn’t quite buy the correlation Fitz tried to make when Mack described hurting the people he loved against his will to what happened to Fitz. It just didn’t line up and it felt like it undermined the horror that Mack lived through. Fitz has a problem, it is one that lingers and stays with him every day. It’s tragic. It separates him from those he cares about and makes it hard for him to interact with them. However, that is very much different from the rage monster he became. He wasn’t just crippled by his mind, he had no control. Just like what Fitz going through is long term, whereas Mack’s was temporary. It sucks for them both, but it isn’t analogous.

Agents of SHIELD - "Aftershocks"Just because everyone is having problems doesn’t mean the HYDRA threat is over. With Whitehall dead, there are top level HYDRA operatives seeking to be the new head of the organization. Their only plan was to set up a dupe essentially sending their one HYDRA pawn to suss out the rest of them. Coulson played the situation brilliant causing the top potential leads killing each other. And SHIELD just needed to clean up the mess. It was a smart plan.

There is discord within the group as we saw at the end. There are a number of characters who think that what happened in the city was an abomination. There also seems to be something going on between Mack and Bobbi that they are hiding from others regarding the plans.

What did you think of the episode?

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