Inhumans, SHIELD, and the MCU

inhumans2Let’s be honest, there are a lot of great things about the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it has built up to be a cohesive universe with many threads. t has been slowly implanted into the universe over the past year and a half was the concept of Inhumans in the MCU. We’ve been getting more and more information about inhumans on Agents of SHIELD. However, now we seem to reaching a tipping point where it is no longer being hinted at and alluded to, but outright addressed.

For the past year or so, we’ve seen Agents of SHIELD hint at the idea of inhumans because of what Coulson was eeing. The map of the city finally led them to a place where Skye and Raina were exposed to terrigen mists. More importantly we are starting to get a glimpse of what the mists do to Inhumans. We saw how they will transform, adopting new abilities. It’s a difficult change and we were even shown that it was a tough process even for those who had proper support. It’s clear that we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Inhumans on the show considering that one is part of the team. It will be interesting to see how the show builds out the rest of the Inhumans as we inevitably get to know more of them.

Agents of SHIELD - What They BecomeThe increased use of inhumans means far more to the MCU as a whole. We already know that The Inhumans will be getting their own movie. As such the introduction in Agents of SHIELD will provide an understanding to a concept that could be just as confusing as Guardians of the Galaxy had to the potential, with the added hindrance that if not properly established could be confused with X-Men. When you consider that the Inhumans are likely the route that the MCU will take to skirt their no access to mutants problem makes even more sense. The Inhumans will serve as they way into a world of people that aren’t quite normal humans. These are people who have been altered and adapt physical changes or new abilities. The MCU may not be able to touch or say mutants, but they have free reign over Inhumans.

The major plus side to this slow introduction of inhumans particularly through Agents of SHIELD allows us to get a deeper look into the world of Inhumans. Since the Inhumans is a property that isn’t quite as well known to the public, they can now seed Inhumans through the show. This takes pressure off the inhumans movie to explain who they are. Should SHIELD stay on the air until the Inhumans movie comes out, Marvel would have had five years to catch the public up and make sure they know exactly what the Inhumans are. That means we won’t need to sit through unnecessary origin stories and explanations. Instead, we can jump in feet first because the groundwork has already been done through Agents of SHIELD.

3 thoughts on “Inhumans, SHIELD, and the MCU

  1. This is sort of like arrow introducing the suicide squad as kind of a market test for a full suicide squad movie, the main difference being that Marvel is doing everything in continuity meaning this shield version of the Inhumans should inform the eventual film rather than merely inspire.

      • Yeah, I know. Agents of SHIELD could have wrapped up a 5-season, 100 episode run by then, and all of its Inhuman stuff could kind of be forgotten by the time the movie arrives.

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