The 100 – “Blood Must Have Blood Part One” Review

The 100 - Blood Must Have Blood Part OneFrom the inside, Bellamy is releasing the grounders locked up. First stop was the woman who helped him adjust after he was brought in. He was quickly diverted. The 44 needed his help to get up now that they were being more actively hunted. It’s a dangerous game afoot that they need to deal with. Bellamy is the heart of the inside operation, but that didn’t mean things were going well for him either. Jasper realized quickly that Maya wouldn’t be able to stay, but she hasn’t been treated. That means that if she doesn’t get a suit she will die. More importantly, that sets Jasper on the path for Cage’s head.

Cage is not going out with a whimper. He’s ready to fight back and wreak havoc. His plan to rally the people in Mount Weather is to let the people know more about what is going on. He wants them to turn in the 44 hiding within their ranks. However, this is a pointless plea when there is a war coming for them. There only thing protecting them from the grounders outside the walls and that is the walls. As a result, he’s keeping his action on the inside. Bringing the fight to the grounders is a death sentence even if they have the 44 to bolster their army. They are at a disadvantage, which is why i’m not entirely sure why Cage is so willing to potentially split his populace. Cage still has his father and Dante is intelligent.

The 100 - Blood Must Have Blood Part OneIt was fascinating seeing the plan play out. especially as Clarke described the pieces of the plan falling into place. This is a well thought out well laid plan that they’ve created. However, anyone knows that plans with so many moving pieces, things are bound to go wrong. Clarke and Lexa play opposite sides of the same role. Clarke is the brains, the person who gets everything set up. Lexa is the raw fury, inspiring the troops. Those moving pieces I mentioned before, well they certainly started to spin out of control. Things got out of hand quick as nearly every group encountered some hitch in the big plan. Yet every group managed to overcome their setbacks in interesting way. I love when characters have to think on their feet and this is no change. Raven and Kyle don’t have enough bombs to stop the power, so they bomb the ones they can and set up the last one for a catastrophic failure. Clarke has trouble drilling all the way before. their only way in. Inside, armies are sent to the grounders in harvest before they can be escorted out. It all went wrong.

In the end none of it mattered, Lexa betrayed Clarke making a deal with Mount Weather to save the grounders and leave the 44, knowing they would be killed over the grounders.

What did you think of the episode?

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