12 Monkeys – “Yesterday” Review

12 Monkeys - "Yesterday"Cole didn’t die. The plague is still coming. As a viewer of this show of course I knew this. Anyone did. If the virus was suddenly cured, the show would be over. If their main character was dead, they’d have a serious loss. We simply don’t know any of the other characters with the level of intimacy that we have with Cole. He is the heart of the show and while there are other important characters they don’t hold even close to the same weight. So it made perfect sense that Cole was totally and completely alive.

Cassie was hellbent on getting over to Chechnya to find out if Cole was alive on dead. Especially once she realized that they hadn’t pulled out Cole’s body when they got the others. That meant getting over there as fast as possible. However, we saw a chink in their relationship. For a while it seemed that Cole and Cassie’s bond was more than just friendship. Based on the way Cole has been acting recently, he seems to believe that. The sudden inclusion of Aaron into their dealings has allowed Cassie to get closer to her former love. They are no longer at odds and that gives them a chance to reconnect, but it drives a wedge in the relationship that she has with Cole.

12 Monkeys - "Yesterday"It was refreshing to have yet another future centric episode while Cole was stuck on his ass in Chechnya. In the future they were still dealing with the never ending chain of problems that are occurring in their time. As long as the disease is still an issue, they still need to survive. Unfortunately, the knowledge that this future will become irrelevant if Cole’s mission is successful. Which is why 12 Monkeys treads lightly with these scenes. Rather than give us day in the life and military based problems, we are given issues related to the time jumps. Our scientist team needed to borrow a part from Spearhead. Without the part, Cole was stranded in the past. This led to some interesting confrontation between the leader of Spearhead, Jonathan, and Dr. Jones.

There were some really great character with Ramse. None of it forwarded the plot, but it helped us understand him better. Seeing him interact with an old love and a kid was really great. He seemed practically gushing, but it is what I expected from Ramse. Even when things are bad, Ramse always manages to hold his head up high and try to look at things as positively as possible. The fact he didn’t know he had a five year old was heart breaking and refreshing. you wish he could stay with her and help raise the kid, just like he does. He knows he has more important things to do. Knowing he has a child does change his mindset somewhat as he’s now willing to settle down with his kid.

What did you think of the episode?

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