Helix – “Vade in Pace” Review

Helix - "Vade in Pace"Brother Michael was completely successful of purging his community. The children we just saw saved last episode were dead in the mess hall. Only a select group that Brother Michael trusted were allowed to live with the express task of killing the CDC doctors. Brother Michael’s thinning was turned on him. He made a very poor decision with who he decided to keep alive. Every single one of the men was working for Amy and they turned on him. This allowed her to exact her revenge and set p the island in the way she wanted. Amy thought it fitting to immortalize the father she thought so horrible.

Which is why it was so satisfying to find that the clanging noise Julia was following in the rubble of the Abbey was actually Michael in his shrine, still alive, but seriously haggard. He may be immortal, but his time in the darkness has altered him. However, it only heightened his affinity for vengeance and violence. His betrayal of Julia seemed rather fitting, but his death would only be a hindrance to Julia’s search. It is nice to know definitively that Brother Michael is dead and has now paid for the havoc he’s caused.

Sarah is still completely distraught about losing her baby. She’s determined to find it. This wouldn’t have bothered me, but the placement didn’t work for me. Alan just saw the entire room of people that Brother Michael killed and it felt trite talking about Sarah’s baby. There were children who were slaughtered in Brother Michael’s thinning. Thankfully, she quickly switches into disease mode and helps the rest of the team to figure out why the infected outside of the Abbey live longer. However it was more of a distraction before she turned to the baby issue again.

Helix - "Vade in Pace"The death on the island isn’t the worst that’s going on. The CDC military drop team is quarantining the entire island because the disease has spread. The leader of the team tasked to get everyone off wants nothing to do with the disease. She wants to get out of there as fast as possible. Yet time and time again we saw that it wasn’t going to happen so easily. Something new kept coming up, keeping on the island for the sake of finding a cure.

There was a lot of great material between those that are humans and those who are trying to reconcile the reality of immortals. In the case of Anne, she revealed how she had been led to believe Michael was the only immortal. Her rage over that is heartbreaking and real. She’s learned so much and while she loves her people she knows that everything she believed had been a lie. He was made to seem like a god so they would bend to his will. On the other hand, Kyle was dealing the news that Sarah was an immortal rather poorly. It goes against everything he knows and he doesn’t want to believe it. That said, she gave him proof to make him slowly come along.

What did you think of the episode?

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