Agents of SHIELD – “Who You Really Are” Review

Agents of SHIELD - "Who You Really Are"Lady Sif returned in a far darker role than last season. However, the returned Sif had no real knowledge of herself. Heck, the only thing she knows is that she’s from Asgard, not her name or why she’s on Midgard. Sif brought a sense of levity to the show that was a nice change of pace. With the darker second season, humor has largely been put on the backburner, only accented at certain moments. Sif’s fish out of water position helped add some of these moments to an otherwise dry episode. As I mentioned previously, appearances from Lady Sif are always welcome. It would be nice to see some other characters appear as well, but I will take Sif anytime.

Sif was hunting a full-blown Kree named Vintac. He had the ability to shift his appearance, from his normal blue skin to blend in with the human populace. After the official reveal of Kree in Guardians of the Galaxy, I’m glad they didn’t try to skirt around the fact that they exist. The only problem that I noted was how he was able to shift. It was effective that we learned more about the Kree connection to the inhumans. Thousands of years ago Kree experimented on humans using diviners to transform humans into inhumans. Kree fears the inhumans confirming they are abominations and even Sif wants to put them down. The fact that both Vintac and Sif want to eliminate Skye, regardless of who she is or her intentions shows how much they fear the inhumans.

Agents of SHIELD - "Who You Really Are"Skye is plowing further forward toward being a true agent. The more that the stakes raise for her, the more we see Skye is really becoming a formidable agent and that’s not even considering her new abilities. Skye is truly learning from the best, which is of course is May. her nerves and fear trigger her reactions. When she was in the presence of the threats she lost it causing another quake. Coulson questioning her and Sif making a move for her didn’t help either. She’s in a delicate state and she needs understanding not ore and more people fearing her and wishing to kill her for something she didn’t do. It was a bit of a relief to see that not everyone turned on Skye once they had the knowledge of what she could do. Unfortunately for Skye to prove to the others that she did not want to harm anyone she shot herself with what she knew was a dangerous toxin.

Simmons is one of the many on the SHIELD team who is in full take down any of the new threats. They are terrified about these people and the new powers that they may have. Simmons even has a toxin to incapacitate them that she acknowledges is dangerous. Who knows what they would do or how her friends would react if they knew what Skye could do. Fitz played the innocent card about Skye’s DNA sample only to be found out. Even after everyone knew, he stood by his decision. He’s standing by Skye’s side and it seems he’s the only one. While everyone else is claiming to be accepting of Skye, they stood by the idea that she’s the dangerous one. To them Skye is the other and since Fitz recently experienced this, he’s even more determined to make Skye realize that she is not alone.

Agents of SHIELD - "Who You Really Are"Whatever Mack and Bobbi are up to I don’t like. They are speaking cryptically about pulling something off. The fact that Mack dared to compare what they were doing to the reveal of HYDRA is unsettling. The result for Bobbi is that she needs to push Hunter away so he doesn’t get close to her plan. That seems like a tough decision considering she wants to be with him again. I’m glad that Hunter was shown to figure things out and actually try to confront Mack for information. However, Mack again used his force to put him down and it’s clear that this is bad. Hopefully, they don’t try to keep teasing this out for too much longer.

What did you think of the episode?

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