The 100 – “Blood Must Have Blood Part Two” (Season Finale) Review

The 100 - "Blood Must Have Blood Part Two"We opened up to one of the most intense and scary moments that The 100 has ever had. Sure, there have been a lot of truly great moments, heart stoppers and gut punches, but the opening with the group traveling to the City of Light froze me in my tracks. I don’t scare a lot and I was truly afraid as they discovered that there are monsters in the water. Jaha even went so far as to sacrifice one of his companions when he froze up incapable of going further. it worked because Jaha and John managed to get to land. Jaha was so jazzed up on following the drone that he left John behind. It worked out for John who stumbled onto the ultimate solar powered bachelor pad. While, John got a video of a man killing himself. Jaha was led to new questions presented by a hologram that he could speak to.

The 100 - "Blood Must Have Blood Part Two"The original gang was all back together moments later. I was glad they didn’t drag out the reunion. Instead they were quickly brought together so they could make a move and start to try to get their people free rather than spinning their wheels. That meant splitting up into two groups. One group to go for Dante, they other to get Maya safe and kill Cage. Clarke continues down her path of playing hardball and making tough choices. She killed Dante as a playing chip, but Cage simply put Abby as the next marrow victim. They were pushed and Clarke didn’t want to irradiate level 5, but they kept being pushed. It was good to note that she did it with a heavy heart and even then she needed Bellamy to help. It was a show of camaraderie and elaborating on how awful it was that neither of them could come up with a better plan. This is something that will weigh heavy on Clarke’s soul even more than what happened at Tond-C. Not one of them, Clarke, Bellamy, or Monty will have an easy time with this, but their people will live because of them.

Indra has come to be one of my favorite characters on the show. She’s highly moral, but her set of morals are a bit different than one would expect. That said, she still follows her leader. It was clear that she didn’t agree with Lexa’s decision all but out right saying that her choice was dishonorable. She realized that while she was still deeply entrenched in her culture, Lincoln had already drifted to the edges and he had the opportunity to try to make things right or at least help. It was with Lincoln’s release that we got another extremely intense moment. The fact that Lincoln got his payback on Cage from being turned to a reaper after almost returning, was supremely fitting. His moment, left me uproarious with excitement and glee.

The 100 - "Blood Must Have Blood Part Two"The little shop of horrors in mount weather is unsettling to watch. Unlike when Dr. Tsing was running the show. None of this was clean. They weren’t killing people callously before. Now they are running haphazard operations, to get things done quick and dirty. People are bloody and a large chunk of our characters are trapped in the room. It was not a good place and it was easy to see why Clarke and her people would be so determined to save them. The images made an already strong urge stronger.

Oh and can I through out how absolutely badass Octavia was as she took down some of the guards. She was truly a beast.

Where is Clarke going?

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “The 100 – “Blood Must Have Blood Part Two” (Season Finale) Review

  1. I loved this finale and the season as a whole. The “City of Light” stuff wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was really intriguing nonetheless. I can’t wait to see where they go with that next season. I wonder where Clarke will head off too now as well. And I love that bit with Octavia especially the slide into that one guard. That was just so cool.

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