12 Monkeys – “Tomorrow” Review

12 Monkeys - "Tomorrow"Cole is still trapped in 2017 and he’s seeing how terrible things were in the early days. Sure, things are bad in 2043 and he knows it, but people have learned to cope with it. In 2017 it is a panic as it slowly decimates the population. it’s a terrifying proposition when you think of it. it’s even more harrowing to see how dire things have become so quickly. Cole is navigating this world that’s become hostile and desperate. Despite this, Cassie never seemed to give up hope on Cole. Their reunion was a bit of a relief. Unfortunately, Cassie was already sick. As much as I really wanted to love the emotional reunion cut short by her death, I felt like it lost impact. We know that Cole seems to love Cassie, but we don’t know how she feels in return. In fact, last we saw her, she was kissing Aaron. This isn’t a reflection of their onscreen chemistry, which has admittedly lost some of it’s luster int he last few episodes. The real issue is because of the back and forth time bouncing. As The Doctor would describe it, it’s all wibbly wobbly. Unlike River and the Doctor, the plot is so intricately tied together with their back and forth that you can’t revel in them just being together sometimes.

Jones is even more eager to get the part she need from Foster. Jones believes that the disease Foster cured was not actually the strain that is currently running rampant in the world. Rather the disease had mutated twice since the version Foster created the cure for. That’s no good for the idea of a cure. It’s making Ramse paranoid to the point that he wants to make sure that the woman he loves and his son are out of Foster’s care. Sure, it’s mainly because he knows that Jones is going in and will at any cost get what she needs from Foster. We’ve seen from her actions before, that she is willing to make sacrifices to meet the goals she wishes. In this case, she’s willing to take out Foster’s entire facility and kill Foster to get her part. It was a massacre, but it isn’t surprising.

12 Monkeys - "Tomorrow"This episode was a little more cluttered for my liking. I didn’t particularly enjoy the introduction of Cole and Ramse to Jones’s crew. It really just felt like it was unnecessary. yes, it was nice to see how they came to stumble upon Jones, but it wasn’t anything that was moving either of the main storylines forward. As in it wasn’t getting Cole back to Cassie and 2043. It also wasn’t getting Jones the part she needed for Foster. I didn’t find it worthwhile though it’s enjoyable. This practically rehashed everything we already knew through previous exposition. It just seemed like they needed to fill some time so we were shown the bits and pieces of the story that we knew about, but hadn’t seen yet. It was nice to learn that Ramse was the entire reason they stayed, while Cole was ready to escape. The tables have now turned entirely.

12 Monkeys was renewed for a second season.

What did you think of the episode?

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