Helix – “Ectogenesis” Review

I’m surprised that there are so many people still left alive. I’m not entirely sure how they managed to evade Michael’s culling. Either way, Ann was trying to console those who remained. however, she was preaching to the very people Amy was able to sway previously. They all flocked to her and her corruption unable to see past what she was doing. The whole abbey is at her feet, but that doesn’t mean that Ann was willing to just give up.

Outside the abbey walls, Alan, Kyle, and the soldiers were encountering some strange things. Bodies were turning up strangely with their eyes gutted. However, it was when Soren was used to help kidnap Kyle that things got really weird. It seemed that the people that abducted Kyle were the same who killed the girl from the first episode. They were wildling people who ate people and seemed to have disease. Kyle’s time with these crazy people revealed a lot of information about how they were surviving in the wild and with the disease. Kyle in his escape desperately drank the infected honey so his captors wouldn’t eat him. Turned out to be unnecessary since Alan came for him.

Helix - "Ectogenesis"Amy is also using Sarah like a toy as well. She wants to be immortal just like Michael and now that she knows Sarah is one of them, she sees her as an out.The fact that Sarah has never made anyone immortal doesn’t matter to her. Amy is simply riddled with a desire to be all powerful. She thinks she wants to be immortal because it’s what Michael had, but it’s only the beginning. she can’t even wait to get what she wants. It seems shes being rather pushy considering she is not in the position to be bargaining. The deal morphs to Amy’s liking to benefit her. Despite Sarah doing everything she could so thing went right, it went entirely wrong. Landry, the test subject, had a severe negative reaction to the spinal fluid.

Turns out that Julia and Ballaseros made a trip to the Abbey while the CDC crew was still there. While this made perfect sense, it doesn’t explain why Julia behaved like she’d never been to the island or the abbey previously. The interaction between Julia and Peter felt off. You didn’t get any sense that they had any former relationship. Neither one of them had any real reaction.

What did you think of the episode?

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