Agents of SHIELD – “One of Us” Review

Agents of SHIELD - "One of Us"Skye is offically is on the index. She is one of those people who qualify to be categorized and monitored. A person that last season, she would have helped hunt down. However, being a new addition to the index means she needs to be evaluated. May makes the decision and brings in her ex husband to do her psych eval. It was a fun moment to see Skye pounce on him to find out more about May’s wedding. He however was all about the business, but realized giving up some personal information would get Skye to talk. It worked, proving that he was just as good as May claimed.

Skye is already getting better at controlling her ability, but that doesn’t mean she has total control. A nightmare rattled her and she started shaking the location. It wasn’t until she woke up and took a breath could she get it under control. Clearly her ability isn’t limited by consciousness. However, she’s quickly proving that she’s going to do anything it takes to reintegrate herself with the team. That means she needs to be strong and control her abilities completely. She made a good point about her not causing the bus to go down as they were flying. However, it was still too much for Skye as she simply forced her quakes internally until it literally damaged her.

Agents of SHIELD - "One of Us"Calvin Zabo is out their unleashing his oddities and gathering them together. The SHIELD team is hot on their trail though. He’s assembling a rag tag team of misfits with powers that SHIELD has systematically disabled or put away. These are people on the index who were deemed too dangerous to just be watched. A woman with knifes grafted to her fingers was his first target. His final target was a man who could cause anyone who heard his voice to go catatonic. He drew the SHIELD right to him and his motley crew.

It’s really frustrating to watch Bobbi so happily lie to Coulson. You have to understand my perspective here. We’ve come to root not just for the SHIELD team, but also Coulson. Heck, if Coulson wasn’t so loved there would be no Agents of SHIELD. So when Bobbi lies, I don’t want to see her side because I’m on Coulson’s side. She’s lieing to the person I trust and believe in. She’s working with Mack who’s doing nothing but being shady this episode. He literally has Hunter chained to various objects and claiming that the truth will come out. All we know is that they are claiming to be working for the real SHIELD. What that actually is and means is still not clear.

What did you think of the episode?

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