The Flash – “Out Of Time” Review

The Flash - "Out of Time"All of the spoilers ahead.

It’s been a long time since we saw the Weather Wizard, but we were treated to exactly what happened that night. Turns out the original Weather Wizard was brothers with the other Weather Wizard, Martin. However, he is far better at controlling his abilities to the point that he can control the weather indoors. The real problem is that he’s out for revenge from the man who killed his brother who happens to be Joe West. Man is he good too. It was impressive to see the level of control he had. Joe refused to stand to let this man come after him. It wasn’t until the captain was seriously injured by Martin that he had to go out there and find out.

Watching Cisco bond with Wells feels strange. At the beginning of the season, it would have been completely normal. Now that we’ve seen everything awful relating to Wells, it’s hard to see him playing this act. That said, Cisco isn’t just oblivious to what could be. The seed was already planted in his head. He thinks something is up and all the repeated questions are getting to him. I’m glad that Cisco isn’t buying that things are hunky dory. It is almost fitting that it’s Cisco who is leading the charge in this considering Wells took him in. Cisco’s experiment to figure out that night when they temporarily caught the Reverse Flash. Wells went so far as to admit who he really was. Eobard Thawne (yes, Eddie is like his great great something). Heck, Wells admitted everything. He admitted that he came back in time to kill not Barry’s mother, but his brother. He show Cisco how he made two of himself. He even admitted that he was just using Barry to increase his power so he could go back to his time in the future. He confessed it all because what did it matter, he killed Cisco anyway (Thankfully it was reversed, I don’t know if I could have handled them).

The Flash - "Out of Time"There was also the relationship drama that was drumming up between Iris and Barry. For some reason, bowling really set it off for their pair of them despite them being with their significant others. No matter how much they tried to bottle it up, both Eddie and Linda picked up on the vibes between the two of them. While I don’t mind this development, I do have a problem with it because I don’t buy the chemistry between them. Seriously, I do not see the underlying romantic vibes that everyone else is seeing. They are shown getting along really well and if Eddie and Linda weren’t there to complain I wouldn’t have taken anything as suspect (except that conversation about Linda not being good enough for Barry). All of that said, when Barry leaned in and kissed Iris and proceeded to show her who he really was, I felt all sorts of elation. It worked because in that moment, I did truly believe their chemistry and that they wanted each other even if they were drive their because of heightened emotions.

And yes, I have to mention that Barry went back in time. Not far, but he accomplished it.

What did you think of the episode.

One thought on “The Flash – “Out Of Time” Review

  1. I’m glad that this show is back! So many big WTF revelations … that will be undone. Which is actually a good thing because I’ve grown to like Cisco a lot.

    The romantic drama stuff is the least engaging part of the show for me but I do think that Iris and Barry have good chemistry. This is only episode 15 yet it had an epic, season finale vibe to it. Can’t wait for next week’s ep, I hear it’ll have Groundhound day type humour mixed with some darker stuff. 😀

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