Arrow – “The Offer” Review

Arrow - "The Offer"Ra’s is not playing games. he truly wishes for Oliver to take over the role of Ra’s. He predicted what Oliver would go through. This is not lost on Oliver as he sees the connections to what he said and what is happening. Oliver is to the point where he’s actually contemplating the opportunity, especially now that he’s questioning everything. felicity even went so far as to outright present the real question to him. Everyone else in the group had to figure out why they were still fighting when Oliver wasn’t there. They came to conclusions, but Oliver didn’t. Yet, even though he claimed that he found a reason for still fighting, I didn’t believe it. this is one of those moments where we really needed to see him struggle with that and come to realize what was going on was important. Instead we were just told with no outside actions or events serving as a trigger. It made his revelation feel shallow and as a result, I didn’t believe that Oliver was going to turn down the offer from Ra’s. It seemed that it didn’t matter regardless of Oliver’s attempt to turn it down. Ra’s has decided, Oliver will succeed him.

Quentin has sworn off the Arrow again. He’s furious about being lied to by everyone around him. He’s more than right to be angry. His daughter lied. The man he came to look to lied. He’s been shat on and kept in the dark and he’s sick of it. Hopefully, he’ll come to his sense and we aren’t going to be a nasty cycle with Quentin hating and then adoring him. Heck, Quentin is just in such a royally bad spot that he doesn’t even think he’ll ever forgive Laurel again. Quentin is closing himself off and that’s a problem.

Arrow - "The Offer"Ray and Felicity are all cozied up together. She’s helping him tinker and get his suit in prime order wile also flirting and advancing their relationship. What was awkward was when Oliver walked in on the two of them clinging to each other. Felicity appears to be completely over Oliver. Honestly, Felicity and Ray seem quite well suited with a nice repetroire between each other. Oliver, seems to be burying his feelings which isn’t surprising for him. Felicity is more than happy with keeping Oliver quarely in the friendzone.

The flashbacks again didn’t add much at all to the story. It didn’t relate into the story line in the present. Honestly, I didn’t care much to see Oliver parading around Hong Kong with Akio. It didn’t even feel like the storyline really advanced between them. We just learned that people were after them, but we already knew that. Maybe it’s time that they finally admit that they won’t need flashbacks in every episode going forward or they learn how to better integrate them into the story so they don’t feel like they are taking away from the main story line.

What did you think of the episode?

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