12 Monkeys – “Divine Move” Review

12 Monkeys - "Divine Move"The progress that they hope to be making isn’t really happening. They’ve been almost at a standstill for a few weeks now. They know that things will be bad, the disease will spread, and they need to keep looking to figure out what’s going on. The news that Cassie still dies is really bumming Cassie out. She doesn’t seem like the same person. She’s growing tired of plowing forward alone. She gets this information from Cole and has to act on it on her own while he splinters away. She realizes he’s slowly dying and soon he won’t be coming back to her and their search never seems to yield the results they need. She’s struggling with the truth and being alone to do all this and is turning to Aaron. She wants him by her side, she wants to make it so they can have some sort of future.

Earlier in the season we learned that Cole was going to go back to 1987. He’d meet Goines and the loop would be complete. However, it was only just now that we learned that this meeting was likely in Tokyo. Unfortunately, we never actually got to see him go back despite knowing that was where the net destination was.

12 Monkeys - "Divine Move"Ramse is working out of a place of desperation. He’s so desperate to have and hold on to his family and his memories that he’s content with letting the plague play out. His blocking them from moving forward with their plans to change the past so he can preserve the future. He doesn’t care that they life in this terrible dystopia. They are ill thought out motives. That said, he encounters The Daughters a group of women who blame men for the world as it is now. Interestingly Jennifer Goines was the woman leading this group and espousing words of wisdom. His time with the Daughters kept Ramse away from camp when the woman he loved was shot leaving him alone in the world with his son. That however was enough to get Ramse to go desperate racing in to the compound. He’s a man acting out of desperation now. He wants his son to have a life and he doesn’t care about the lengths he has to go through. His attempts to stop this all convinced him that he would try the jump. I’m honestly unsure as to why he thinks it’s a good idea to take a one way trip back through time, leaving his son parentless, especially when the whole reason he stole the serum was because he didn’t think Cole could do it. Maybe he’s just that confident, but this is a man who is acting entirely out of fear.

Dear characters in all shows. If you are going to shoot someone. Do so and then speak, ot the reverse.

What did you think of the episode?

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