Helix – “Mother” Review

Helix - "Mother"Landry is a disgusting mess after the treatment from Sarah’s spinal fluid. He’s become completely deformed and reduced to a bedridden groaner. It was confirmed by Julia that duplicating the process of becoming an immortal. He however is the only person who currently knows where mother is. Considering that everyone wants something from mother in some way or another that means Landry holds all the power.

Julia and Ballaseros are playing no games. They want mother for their own needs and anyone who gets in their way is just an obstacle that they need to crush. While they are able to play ball a little, they are also fiercely stubborn. They want people to be safe, but either way, Julia will survive. Unfortunately, it was Ballaseros who was left with the creepy Amy. Amy is completely batshit. She’s intelligent, but completely deranged and disillusioned. The result makes her very dangerous. Ballaseros was on the nasty end of that and it led to him dying.

Helix - "Mother"You remember how I was disturbed by the family tree in the abbey. How all the daughters mated with the man that was their father to have more daughters. It’s a total “My sister, my daughter” moment. However, it grew even more disturbing when we learned that Landry was Amy’s sister. yes that means that Amy wasn’t just messing around with any old creepy guy, she was messing around with her brother. yes, this show has gone to new levels to creep me out about this incestuous Abbey.

It was interesting to see our immortals interacting. Julia and Sarah were never close, but they worked together previously. Forcing the to work with each other was a great way to get them to interact. Both of the women are really interesting on their own, ut together they are a force to be reckoned with. Now they are trying to get Amy what she wants so Julia can get mother and Sarah can get her baby. It wasn’t until I saw them together that I realized how much I wanted them together. The two women are good at what they do and respect each other. They suffer a fundamental difference in ideology and that is Julia is more than okay for working for Ilaria, while Sarah finds it abhorrent. Those differences continued as we learned that Julia had no problems betraying Sarah.

Kyle’s descent as the disease slowly tried to claim him as tough to watch. His own fears and insecurities were brought to the surface in warped ways. He couldn’t see clearly. it was really our first look into what exactly those who had the disease were going though. It was a nasty path, but Alan managed to talk Kyle down from killing Soren. Kyle needs to get to the bleeding tree and drink the red Sap fast. i’m not sure what’s taking so long since they have Soren with them.

What did you think of the episode?

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