Agents of SHIELD – “Love in the Time of Hydra” Review

Agents of SHIELD - "Love in the Time of Hydra"Agent 33 and Ward were back in the mix this week. Agent 33 was desperate to get her face back. They confronted and abducted the man who designed the Nanotech mask. Since her face can’t be fixed, the mask was and she no longer sports the scarring that was previously there. Agent 33 has proved to be an interesting character and really flexing her new mask. She wants to be loved and the only person she can cling to is Ward. He didn’t appreciate her trying to ingratiate herself by using Skye’s face as a way to seduce him.

The group claiming themselves as the real SHIELD are not happy with Coulson. They don’t like the idea that the tradition of keeping secrets that Fury fostered is being continued under Coulson. They see the string of failures and coincdences as reasons to indict Coulson. They bring up valid points of cornerces, one that even Hunter can’t argue, but there’s something ominous about the group. They want transparancy, but they are operating in the shadows. It seems quite ironic. This put Hunter in a position where he needed to decide where he stood. Either he followed Coulson who he’s come to trust, or he went with Bobbi and this new SHIELD. The conversation of where their relationship was going. You didn’t truly understand the power balance and dynamic withing their relationship. it wasn’t until this episode that it was clear that Hunter was the impulsive one who loved whole-heartedly, while Bobbi always had some other trick or scheme plan to get in the way of the relationship.

Agents of SHIELD - "Love in the Time of Hydra"Skye is still a topic of interest this week. She still doesn’t have the control she needs, but she’s slowly getting better. i really enjoyed the conversation about Skye, comparing her to the Hulk. While Fitz saw Hulk as a hero, Simmons saw him a villain. Skye is certainly being treated like a leper now. Coulson brought her to a place where they keep threats. Simmons even created gloves for Skye to repress her ability. I was really glad that Fitz called Simmons out on her fear. Simmons is not handling the changes that are going on around her. Rather than accepting that things are different, she is claiming she’s trying to fix things by repressing it all. She ran when Fitz woke up different. She gets hyperfocused on fixing Skye just because she is different.

Also, I have to mention that the music in this show kept reminding me of Mass Effect.

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