The Flash – “Rogue Time” Review

The Flash - "Rogue Time"Everything bad that happened last week has been erased. Barry went back in time and can fix things. For Barry it feels like deja vu, but he makes it known in front of the last person who should know. Wells figures out that Barry has time traveled. Wells orders him to retrace his steps. What Barry doesn’t know is that should he decide to change things, Wells will know. The problem is Barry doesn’t know the extent to which his changes would effect things. Barry is Barry and he is a hero so he quickly thwarts the Weather Wizard.

This week we got to meet Dante, Cisco’s brother. Caitlin tagged along and got to meet the esteemed Ramon son that Cisco’s parents clearly favored. He’s a talented musician, he’s suave, but he’s a bit of a dick. He didn’t even seem to realize how much of a douche he actually was. So even when they are locked up together there’s still tension between the two of them. However being captive by Captain Cold and his sister let them to open things up. Dante was jealous of him all along. He stole things from his brother like a girl from high school. He wanted to make up for it by raging forward to help his brother. Dante sees how valuable Cisco is even if their parent’s don’t.

The Flash - "Rogue Time"Cisco and Barry’s moment of bonding was a great moment. Cisco felt so guilty about giving up Barry’s identity that he was practically in tears. It however, was Barry who embraced Cisco. To Barry, Cisco did what he had to do no matter what. That moment was small, but spoke wonders about the situation between the two.

It was interesting seeing Wells give Cisco the son speech under very different conditions. Last episode we were delivered a heartbreaking scene as Cisco learned what happened and Wells confessed to how much he cared about Cisco. So when Wells brought Cisco back down into that same room, my heart raced. My mind reeled as I kept thinking that Wells would be enough of a murder to kill Cisco for betraying Barry and potentially harming his goal. We did just see him kill Cisco an episode ago. However, this conversation went the far less lethal route.

The Flash - "Rogue Time"Barry finally put the kibosh on the sham of a relationship that he had with Linda. They broke up amicably, which was really nice. I’m glad they didn’t try to drag out that relationship. It wasn’t working on screen. There wasn’t much to their relationship. They were most often shown onscreen bickering or being awkward. However, Barry took his new found single status and the moment he had from the previous future to try to make another move on Iris. Having not been in a state of vulnerability. The result was Barry really screwing everything up making life far more complicated because he thought the feelings were still there waiting for Barry to make her realize. In that sense, I was so glad that Barry got smacked back into reality. I was really glad that it was Caitlin who stepped in and smoothed things out. She’s really the sleeper on the team. She always holds her weight, but she does so much more than you can imagine.

What did you think of the episode?

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