Writing the End of the Novel

I don’t know how many times I written about the end of a novel. Writing that last section can mean all sorts of things. As I am fast approaching writing the final words on my YA contemporary, I’m mulling over everything it means as I’m at the phase of the stage. I fleet from wanting to be completely done with the novel to sad about writing those last words and wanting to draw it out. Those emotions are constantly flopping mainly because the fun period is about to end.

I’ve always enjoyed writing first drafts. There is something exhilirating about discovering a story for the first time. You’re feeling through the characters, discovering a plot. Everything slowly falls into place and suddenly there’s a completely written story staring back at you. There’s nothing more thrilling than being able to say you did something that millions of people wish they could say they’ve done.

Yeah, there are growing pains. They can be troublesome and make you question if you should really go forward. There’s a part somewhere in the middle of the novel where it seems impossible. It feels like you’ve written yourself into the wall. You feel like everything is going wrong and maybe you should just stop. But since you believe in the story, you push forward. Slowly things start to turn around and before you know it you are approaching the end of the novel.

I’m reaching that point now. I have no idea how many words I’ve written or how many pages there are. As I mentioned previously, I took a different approach. Not only am I writing in a genre I’ve never attempted before, I’m also putting all my words down in an unconventional way. Rather than writing in Scrievener, like I usually do, or in Word, like I did in the past, I am writing in notepad with word wrap off and page statistics off. I literally have no idea how much I’ve written. Which has kicked up a nervous tick in statistics in which I compare the length it appears on my phone to the length of a short story and try to estimate length that way. I’m probably way off, but my story is around 56k. It will likely be complete at 60k. It is so weird to write this way.

However, as I’m approaching writing my last five scenes (one is a monster), I’m sad to be saying good bye. Sure, there will be plenty of time that I’m writing and revising. I know there are a couple scenes I need to add to the story, but I’m saving that for later after I’ve done a read through. I will never write this story new again. It simply isn’t possible because once I finish I will be done. It may change and iterate, but that first draft will be long gone and that’s something I’m going to miss.

I guess I’m just feeling a bit nostalgic.

Maybe I’m just putting off the inevitable.

What I do know is that I’m excited about this project. I get to put a stamp down that I finished another first draft. It’s not a published novel yet, but it’s a step in the right direction. That’s something I’m proud of.

How do you feel about writing the end of your first drafts?
By the way, I am still running my new book blog, Reads and Feels. I’m also considering starting a booktube channel and have a fledgling video up.


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