Arrow – “Suicidal Tendencies” Review

Arrow - "Suicidal Tendencies"It’s Diggle’s wedding and everyone is together and dressed up. Let’s start with the fact that Oliver is apparently a pretty terrible Best Man, only showing up to the wedding shortly before the ceremony started and much to late for the photos. To make him feel worse, Palmer steps in to save the day when the officiant is unable to make the wedding. As always he’s terribly charming. The wedding seemed to go off without a hitch, which is why it wasn’t all that surprising when everything hit the fan right after.

It was a major blow to hear Palmer calling to apprehend the Arrow. Which means Oliver needs to find the person who is masquerading as him and tarnishing his reputation. We know the first attack was in fact Ra’s, but it seems that he’s now employed an entire team to impersonate him. Maseo is working even harder for Ra’s to get Oliver on their side.

I really enjoyed that Ray was able to figure out that it was Oliver that was the arrow. Unfortunately, he wasn’t willing to take Felicity’s claims that Oliver was innocent. He’s now even more hellbent on bringing Oliver down. However, now that there’s a personal aspect to it, his motivation is that of by any means necessary. It was frustrating that Felicity went all the way to the arrow cave to tell Oliver that Ray knew. Oliver’s anger was totally justified as a result. It’s not like phones don’t exist. Ray’s attempts to get Oliver arrested would have been more effective had he not gone to Laurel.

The standoffs between Oliver and Ray were really well done. The tension and drama was amped up, but in a believable way. I don’t want to go into to much regarding them because they were really great scenes. Oliver proved himself again and again, until Ray finally saw. It will be exciting to see how their relationship will develop in the future.

Arrow - "Suicidal Tendencies"Even though Oliver ordered Lyla and Diggle to go on their honeymoon, Deadshot was waiting for him in the limo. They were called away on a mission. It was a partial Suicide Squad mission with Deadshot and Cupid the only two in tow. The entire situation was totally out of their control. Turned out the rescue mission they’d been sent in for was all for naught. The person they were trying to take down a man who was trying to play the game. The whole hospital was going to blow and that meant Diggle and Lyla’s baby could have ended up an orphan. I’m glad they acknowledged how foolish it was to have them both on a deadly mission. Floyd ended up sacrificing himself so the rest could get out. I don’t believe that he is really dead since we didn’t see it. It did lead to Lyla resigning and Diggle

I really enjoyed the flashbacks for Deadshot. Getting to see him when he was still Floyd made for some interesting back story. it was also a really great change of pace. We kind of got to see some of the happenings that drove Floyd to where he was. While it was interesting to see how he came into becoming Deadshot and his first target of Diggle’s brother was interesting. That said, we didn’t get any real reason as to why he became as violent as he was. We are forced to jut assume something happened while he was deployed, but we had no idea what that really was. (I have to note how happy I was with how they handled the topic of domestic abuse in this episode). Everything added another layer to Deadshot’s character.

What did you think of the episode?

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