12 Monkeys – “Shonin” Review

Helix - "Shonin"Cole and Ramse are officially back in 1987 Tokyo and it’s just a matter of tie before things get real bad. As we saw the originator of the virus back in the past. It was just as disgusting as before, but it was eerie seeing it in a club environment. Cole being who he is made a move to eliminate the virus, but Ramse got in the way. It is ridiculous how Ramse wants the world to end jut to see his son grow up in a world that is as terrible as it is deadly. It did lead to a really amazing duke it out between Cole and Ramse. They really went at each other. I wish that we got to see more of it, but it was paced incredibly well, not drawing the action out.

While Cole was left to be disposed of, Ramse ended up in a Japanese prison. Unlike Cole, Ramse’s trip was one way which meant he had to live out his consequences. There he was beat, but he also learned of someone who knew about him. He received letters and was told not to fight, to live out his time. Beatings and books and some peaceful letters was all he had. (I’m glad that they didn’t have Ramse in Japan for five years and didn’t have him learn the language).

It was an interesting line to see Ramse go down. After his prison stint, he rose into power. He essentially stayed there behind the scenes making sure everything went just how he liked it with the help of the woman who wrote him letters all that time. His rise was rapid and while I got a sense of his role it wasn’t until we started to see the timelines cross that things got interesting. Knowing that everything was happening to Cole because Ramse helped make sure everything tayed in line so the same past played out was terrible.

Helix - "Shonin"While this was a very interesting story telling technique that infused plenty of new footage and new perspectives, I felt like it was an opportunity for them to go back and use some old footage to pad out an episode that might not have had quite as strong as a plot. Which is a shame, because Ramse’s storyline was interesting. It just turned out to be more about the 12 Monkeys than Ramse, which was difficult to hold attention. The content was spectacular, it was well done, yet I found myself longing to just see more Cole. It is a testament to how strongly they’ve built up Cole’s character.

The abandonment of Dr. Jones in 2043 was really all the soldiers could do. She asked so much of them, too much, and then couldn’t hold out. They lost Cole and with that their hope. They had no more chances and their future was foreit. If anything was going to change, it was now up to Cole. Even as everyone around her left, she remained determined to live her dying breath with the machine.

What did you think of the episode?

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