I Watch A Lot of TV

You heard me. I watch a lot of TV. Probably more than most people, but definitely less than some others. Regardless of where exactly I fall on the spectrum it still comes down to the fact that I watch an awful lot of TV. It’s a struggle in my life to balance all the TV that I’ve convinced myself I have to watch with actually getting out of the house and doing what some people call having a life.

That is where the problem lies with me. I’m a home body. I don’t like hanging out with a lot of people. When people say that they are going out on a weekend to hit some of the places downtown, I instantly start trying to scheme reasons as to why I can’t go. I’d rather sit alone with my netflix, my cat, and a whining dog than go out and suffer through a night in which I feel like I’ve wasted money. Don’t get me wrong, every so often a night out with some people who’s company I enjoy is the perfect remedy for a slump. It’s a temporary change of pace to reinvigorate me for what I really enjoy. Plus, eventually the guilt I feel for always bailing piles on me so high that I feel I owe it to others.

While I might love having some alone time every so often, what I really want out of life is to be able to do all that binging watching and hanging out at home with people I really like. That would make my enjoyment of shows that I love even more enjoyable because I then get the pleasure of talking to someone about it. Sometimes watching netflix turns to pulling up all my favorite old songs from when I was growing up.

If you follow my blog you can see how many shows I review on a weekly basis. However, that’s only a small section of shows that I watch. There are plenty of shows that I follow, but never even mention on social media. The scary thing is I’m never more than three episodes behind. Usually, I’m caught up within a few days of the episode actually airing. Aside from the long list of shows I review I also watch: Jane The Virgin, iZombie, Fresh off the Boat, Supernatural, Blackish, Modern Family, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, Lost Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Bones, Orphan Black, The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, Forever, Resurrection, and Silicon Valley. There are probably more shows that I’m not even thinking of. That’s not even including shows I used to watch but have since ended like Wilfred and Being Human.

Yes. I watch a lot of TV.Maybe too much, but I watch because it is what I enjoy. I don’t get exhausted or worn out for watching them. I never watch more than 3.5(often a bit less) hours of TV on any given day, unless I’m binging on a weekend, which isn’t that common. So really I’m only using a fraction of my day to watch TV. I’m not sorry I watch a lot of TV. I enjoy stories. TV is one method of delivery for stories.

2 thoughts on “I Watch A Lot of TV

  1. This is one million percent me! I claim that I watch so much TV because it’s “research” (I got my degree in scriptwriting) but really, I just like watching it all. I’m lucky that I’ve gotten my family into many of the shows I watch, to have someone to talk about them with. Still, I wish I had more friends who were the same way as well.

    • There’s something about going on an excited rant about a show you love that’s always better with someone you love. Not that it isn’t great with anyone who’s just as excited as you are.

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