Arrow – “Public Enemy” Review

Arrow - "Public Enemy"With Maseo going even further and killing the Mayor in an attack that also injured Ray, the Arrow is now a highly wanted man. Quentin will now do anything to take out the Arrow. The fact that Laurel is involved doesn’t matter to him. He doesn’t truth her and will let her fall if it means stopping Oliver. Heck, he was about to bring Laurel in if it wasn’t for Nyssa. The three of them barely got out safely. In fact, for a while it didn’t look like Roy would.

Things got interesting when Quentin was kidnapped by Maseo and brought to Ra’s. Things got nasty, but it was all part of Ra’s plan to push Oliver to a point where he had no point. Quentin wasn’t backing down. He forced Oliver’s hand. He could either go to Ra’s or he could turn himself in. He wasn’t going to play Ra’s game, so he went with the route that would lead to him being locked up. His arrest doesn’t just halt Oliver, but the entire team. All of their fates are lying in the balance of what happens.

Arrow - "Public Enemy"Ray is seriously injured in the hospital. It doesn’t look that bad on the outside, but there’s a blood clot that could potentially kill him if it travels to his brain. He’s in a situation that’s ultimately damned if you do damned if you don’t. However, he believes his nanotech could shrink the clot saving his life, only the hospital won’t perform the procedure. Felicity was a mess by his side, but I didn’t really buy it at first. It was odd that her mom popped up. However, she was the push that Felicity needed to go for the injection. It was the only way to save them. It was an interesting way to get the Nanotech in Ray and make him into more than just a man wearing an exosuit.

The flashbacks irked me on a fundamental level. Oliver ran into Shado’s twin sister. The problem is that he immediately asks for help as if she is capable of helping him. She was clearly not involved with any shady business unlike her sister and father. I don’t understand how she could have helped him. Even still it gave him a place to hide temporarily. Unfortunately that didn’t last long because again lies got in the way.

What did you think of the episode?

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