12 Monkeys – “Paradox” Review

12 Monkeys - "Paradox"After a heavy focus on Ramse last episode, the attention was shifted back to Cole. After his ordeal in Tokyo, Cole was in even worse shape than he had been before. Despite his injuries, it was really the splintering that was killing him. He is incredibly sick now which is a major problem, but that will soon be rectified with the two best scientists that Cole knew. Cole was so sick he was pretty much incapacitated, but Cassie has learned plenty from him. It’s interesting to look at how much she’s changed over the past few months. She is so far from the woman we saw previously, but there’s still this same sick determination that she will always do what she thinks is right.

The plan that they concocted to use the original Cole to stabilize he future Cole. It was interesting seeing a little version of Cole. I really enjoyed those scenes as we met a young Cole and his father. The kind of person that Cole was seemed heavily interested on his father. More interestingly it seemed that Cole’s estranged mother used to rant and rave about protecting Cole from the 12 Monkeys. This encounter allowed for some really great moments for the present Cole and his Dad. The wo of the bonding was a really good moment. His father loved Cole so much, the pride he felt in his son was so strong. When you start to think about how hard it must have been for Cole’s father after that point. He knew of what would happen to his son and that took a toll on him.

12 Monkeys - "Paradox"I didn’t expect to see Aaron making an attempted exit so early in he season. After everything that brought him around to finally believing that Cole was from the future. He is being manipulated, but I took Aaron as someone who was smarter. He didn’t see how much he was being played. He just wanted to protect Cassie. Aaron has jumped on the train that only believes that nothing can be changed and the past is sealed.

The real interesting new material was what we saw outside of Dr. Jones’ facility. There are mutated people that we’ve yet to learn about.I can’t wait to hear more about it.

What did you think of the episode?

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