Helix – “The Ascendant” Review

Helix - "The Ascendant"Mother is dead. Nothing Julia was able to do right away was dead. So dead that they needed to go pleading to try to find the original tree. Julia’s hope was to look for the location of the tree based solely off a painting. After triangulating the painting with the current landscape, Julia somehow came to the conclusion that Mother was in fact in the Abby. heck, she was certain that the mother was in the midst of the Abbey. She was shockingly right as she realized that the Abbey was actually built on top of mother. It was interesting to see how quickly and well Julia was able to figure it out. Seeing mother’s root structure was a nice scene and a sign of hope. Except Alan’s choice, didn’t make much sense either. He’s always wanted to bring down Ilaria. However, I fail to see how stopping Julia will impede Ilaria any.

Peter has stpped up to run the Abbery. With a new role, he is taking a new name, Eli. Julia’s laughter was exactly how I felt about that shift. Peter has lost his mind and now wants everyone not part of the Abbey to die. that means his entire former crew is now endangered. The problem is that Sarah now needs to flee with her baby. The journey out really didn’t go that well. Peter’s Abbey is just as twisted Michael’s maybe more so. Something broke in Peter. Not only was he letting the twisted pregnancy ward continue, he clung to the baby he helped deliver. He’s denounced his blood family in favor of his new family.

The shift in so many of the characters’ behaviors is a bit irritating. They are swaying not because the characters are progressing that way naturally, but to service the plot. The people in the abbey are jumping from hating the outsiders, to trying to save them. Olivia suddenly trying to help Kyle and Sarah made no sense. I am glad that she came to her senses, but it was only days ago that she stabbed Sarah. Days since she proudly sided with the new Abbey Leaders. Days since she was part of a rebellion. Now because her son returned, a son who she hardly claimed to have raised much anyway, she has become endlessly thankful. it just didn’t seem like a character progression that made sense. This same sense of not making logical sense applies to Peter as well. His change didn’t make much sense. It was done so that once Michael was gone and Amy dispatched, that there would be someone new there to pose an obstacle.

What did you think of the episode?

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