The Originals – “Exquisite Corpse” Review

The real plot line we are dealing with on The Originals is Rebekah losing control of the body she is possessing, Eva. Under normal circumstances we would be rooting for the person trapped in side to regain control of their body. that is usually how this situation works. Like usual, The Originals flips expectations and we are left hoping that Rebekah can stamp down Eva who is a complete terror. Eva is dangerous and willing to kill. She’s torturous and violent and she is getting more power every day. Rebekah his the one that’s becoming lost in this process unless something can be done quickly.

The Originals - "Exquisite Corpse"One thing is very clear, everyone wants to stop Eva. She isn’t protected by her witch brethren. People want her dead for what she’s done to the witch children. The vampires want Rebekah out of Eva. The witches are ready to put a bounty on Eva’s head and have Rebekah collateral damage. Elijah and Hayley work one front.

On the other front Marcel is working with Vincent to get information from Eva. Talking to Vincent she finally revealed that she hadn’t actually killed the kids. It was an interesting conundrum. By all appearances the kids were dead, but similar to how the vampires were used as a power source, the witch children were also used as a power source and stashed away. She’s sapping Davina, but also went for Josephine as well. It wasn’t surprising that Vincent so easily was swayed to work with Eva even if he did turn on her. I saw it coming from the way he talked to her. He was angry, but he saw her point of view. He loved her and wished things were different, but couldn’t let her continue on.

Klaus went straight to his mother with Freya at his side. I expected that confrontation to be a bit more conflict ridden. Sure there was enough nasty remarks, but I simply expected more that was not given. Their mother gave Freya away, but I expected Freya to be angrier. Instead, Esther was right about her daughter, Freya would help them, but it would be at a cost. Instead we had far more tension and frustration between Klaus and Esther. It’s almost as though they aren’t sure exactly how they want to write her. I was glad that they did find a way to kill Eva without killing everyone now linked to Eva’s body. Thus Rebekah is staying put in Eva’s body with the peace of mind that Eva is truly dead.

With the problem with Eva settled away and Freya part of the coven in New Orleans the real question is going to be what will be the conflict in the remaining episodes. It will no doubt involve some sort of tumult that Freya will bring, but with her inconsistent character and hidden motivations it’s hard to understand why she wants to turn everyone against Klaus.

What did you think of the episode?

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