Agents of SHIELD – “Afterlife” Review

Agents of SHIELD - "Afterlife"This real SHIELD is not making the friends it wants. They thought that they would be able to convince some of the team. I will give it to them that they are not forcing the hands of Simmons and Fitz. They are letting them choose. For Fitz it’s an easy decision to walk away. he’s loyal to Skye and Coulson. Jemma was sticking by his side. Her recent behavior enabled her to trick this other SHIELD and allow Fitz a way out with the real cube. It was sneaky and I really enjoyed her not betraying the team like she could have. It was also a nice callback that she also left him his favorite sandwich. I’m glad FitzSimmons is slowly working it’s way back together.

What was interesting was how May was treated by this other SHIELD. Just like Fitz, May is fiercely loyal and the idea of betraying Coulson seems to bring out an even nastier side of her. We did however learn that part of the reason May got her nickname of The Cavalry was because of her actions in trying to bring down people on the index. This other SHIELD believes that Coulson should be on the index. even more interesting was how Gonzalez eventually got to May be convincing her to join to help save Coulson from when they eventually bring him in.

Coulson was off with Hunter trying to evade and deceive Coulson. I didn’t think I would enjoy the pair so much, but the two made for some really interesting banter. Both of them have great senses of humor and despite their dire situation, you got the sense of that. The re-emergence of Deathlok aka Mike Peterson was a nice twist. I had actually been thinking about how we hadn’t seen him in so long and then all of a sudden he was there. We didn’t get much to catch up with him, but just seeing him is enough.

Agents of SHIELD - "Afterlife"Then there is Skye off in Afterlife. It’s a glroious place and somewhere that she can be safe and be near people that are like her. The first friendly face she meets is Lincoln (played by Luke Mitchell formerly of The Tomorrow People). Lincoln is there to explain things to her and be a friend among people who are envious of her. The people living at Afterlife are all descendants of people with markers. Every few years one or two of them are chosen to get their abilities unlocked, most are just waiting. As a result they see Skye as an intruder.

Lincoln is an interesting character so far and I’m enjoying his addition. The fact that he’s trying so hard to make Skye feel comfortable is a bit nerve-wrecking. It almost screams that he will do something to betray Skye or against SHIELD. I like him too much and I’m really hoping that we’ll see more of him and his power, which is awesome. He’s able to manipulate the electricity that’s all around us and use it to his advantage, similar to how Skye can manipulate vibrations. They are similar and different but it’s enough to give her hope of the control she can one day learn.

the real shock was seeing Skye’s mother alive. As the audience, we knew that she was her mother, but Skye didn’t know. All of this because she learned that a dangerous Raina was being harbored there. Jiaying is still thriving and even offered to be Skye’s mentor as she learns to control her abilities. The question is how long will Jiaying keep this a secret from her daughter.

What did you think of the episode?

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