Gaming Slump

People have slumps. It’s the nature of the way we are. No one can go strong at something, anything forever. After a while, you just get exhausted. Then you fall into a slump where either you cut off the activity entirely, or the pace or quality in which you drops. It’s something that can totally change how you look at something.

The one thing about slumps is that they make you feel awful. When you enter a slump, the real focus is that you are feeling like you want or should be doing something, but you aren’t or not doing it well enough. That can lead to feelings of discomfort. Slowly you start to feel like you need to get back into things.

I’ve been feeling that way with video games. In fact I’d say once a year I feel that way. The way I work is I tend to pick up games around may, then I play them pretty intensely through October. The majority of my spare time will be devoted to games. Last year amongst some of the other games I played, I binged through all of mass effect. Any game I can get my hands on a game over the summer I play it and revel in it.

Right now I’m in a slump. A big nasty slump. I haven’t picked up a game since January. I didn’t even finish Wolfenstein. I will finish it. I’m already on chapter 12, but since I didn’t want to be absorbed in my next game I waited. And waited became not playing. Now I haven’t played a game in months, literally.

In part, I’m putting it off because of the TV season. With it still in gear, I didn’t want to shirk off shows that were still going. Not when I know that if I just wait until Mid-May I’ll have all the time in the world to game. In a sense, that makes this a self-imposed gaming slope. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t leave me with just as much guilt for not playing. Heck, it’s even worse because I’m doing it to myself.

I get out of my slumps just like I get myself into things. I throw myself full force into something new. No hesitation. I just go and sooner rather than later I’m completely absorbed. I’m gearing up for that now. I have a few games on my list that I know I will sink way too much time into. With Shadow of Mordor and Dragon Age:Inquisition I will have plenty of gaming hours to keep me occupied and that doesn’t even include the games that I’ve been accumulating thanks to Playstation Plus that I’ve stayed away from recently. A little over a month from now my life will be games, games, and more games.

Honestly, I can’t wait.

Do you get into gaming slumps? How do you get out of them?

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