12 Monkeys – “Arms of Mine” Review (Season Finale)

12 Monkeys - "Arms of Mine"It’s now clear how things could pave the way to remove the tension that had been building between Cassie and Cole. With Aaron now out of the picture for betraying them. His pleading with Cassie was heartbreaking, but he couldn’t see the danger that he was putting her in. He only saw her as someone to save, not someone who could make decisions for herself. It was a big moment when Cassie walked away letting Aaron die. Yes, she questioned it, but ultimately she did walk away and didn’t look back. She has changed so much over this season. The idea that she wouldn’t save someone, especially someone she cared so much about, really signaled how practical she has become. She’s part of something much bigger and unfortunately, there are times when people end up dying.

Jennifer lead an intense presentation for the reveal of her role at Markridge. Her presentation wowed investors. She was the epitome of an enigmatic leader. Until she started ranting about the Dodo. It was amusing how quickly people turned on her. It didn’t matter though. Jennifer is in charge and they can’t do anything about it as long as she seems sane.

12 Monkeys - "Arms of Mine"Ramse has turned into the outright villain of the show. it isn’t really so surprising. Sure, I think that his reasoning is foolish, but I can understand his thought process. Now he’s in the past, our present, with his hand in everything. At every turn, Ramse is doing everything in his power to both ensure that the future comes to pass just as it was. He’ll do anything to make sure that the changes Cole is out to make are not accomplished.

The show down between Cole and Ramse was an interesting one. Throwing Cassie into the mix ensured that some chaos would happen. Those changes in her character that I mentioned previously, well that continued when Cassie decided to make the shot. When she ended up shot, the only way to save her was with the forward moving time machine created by Jones’ husband. It is a nice loop there. While Cassie’s fate is still unclear, it was a big moment that she shot Ramse. It wasn’t an immediate death shot and Cole had to make a decision on what to do. Cole having changed from the cold man he was initially, to one who is more caring thanks to Cassie, refused to give up on Ramse.

12 Monkeys - "Arms of Mine"The future didn’t add as much to the equation this week. That said, it did have information. Deacon and those future men raided the facility. The problem with attacking the facility is that everyone left didn’t have much to live for. Jones was willing to destroy everything they hoped to take just to keep the from it. That proved to be unnecessary though.

With everyone’s fate still on the line and the events still not all adding up, it’s a good thing that 12 Monkeys was given a second season because I have a lot of questions.

What did you think of the episode?

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