Helix – “O Brave New World” Review (Season Finale)

Helix - "O Brave New World"The thing with Helix is that last year it tied everything up nicely while opening up new completely unrelated questions for the future. it had such a clean slate that I truly had no idea where the show was going to go next. That was really appealing about the show. Sure, the characters built from season to season, but it was a complete story. Beginning middle and the end.

We finally got a real catch up with Julia in the future. She was dying in a shack with Caleb lording something over her. It’s been so long since the question was posed about San Jose. Rather than it relating to the song it had to do with Julia and Alan’s relationship. It was a trigger question that was supposed to help her remember and also have her pass a test. When she did it was an interesting reveal that he was Soren all along. He had always been special and time hadn’t changed that.

I seriously have no idea how Amy was up and walking around. It’s been only one day since she was burned. One day since half her face melted off. Yet somehow her skin is no longer raw but healed. Sure, she’s mutated she’s deformed, but she is healed. She should be holed up and in total pain. Her face burned, but no doubt did the rest of her. She should be incapacitated. She should have serious nerve damage. Her speech should be warped and unintelligible. She should be a shell of her former self. Yet there she is walking around making threats. The season has ended and I still don’ get by Amy was so driven by power. However, what was more interesting was how she eventually met her downfall. Watching her become one of the hidden women stripped of all power and agency was rather fitting for her character.

I enjoyed that even now after everything that has happened between Julia and Alan, they still help each other. It’s so easy to forget that at one point they loved each other and were married. They’ve reached this point where they are not seeing things eye to eye, but they still love each other. There is this care that has not faded and you really feel it in their scenes together. Out of all of the chemistry between characters, they have the best.

One of the most interesting twists that the end of this season presented was the fact that Alan had become an immortal. Presumably this was due to Sarah’s visit to him while he was unconscious, after he had learned that. For Alan this is the worst.

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