Game of Thrones – “The Wars to Come” Season Premiere

Game of Thrones is back for season 5. Yes, yes. Yes!

Game of Thrones - "The Wars to Come"The actress cast as a young Cersei was absolutely fantastic. She was just as crass and equally prideful. That opening scene was truly fantastic as we saw her going to someone who told her her future. Yet she met it with the same frustration and anger we commonly see from her. In the present, King’s Landing was in the process of mourning her father. It is an interesting world in King’s Landing due to the constantly shifting sense of power. This has not changed, but with the loss of Tywin the hold the Lannisters have on the city will falter. There was no sadness over the death of Tywin (maybe a little from Cersei). Instead it was fear of how things would be perceived and treated in time. Tywin held things together and commanded respect. Now people will be coming after what was the Lannister’s. It will be interesting to see how things change there.

From this we got our first look of the religion of the Faith of the Seven. It’s presented trough a Lannister relative who’s a bit of a fanatic. Most people wave him off as a fool deeming there to be a place for a religion and he’s just done too much. It is his perspective will hopefully present a new hurdle for the Lannisters in King’s Landing to face now that they are no longer afraid to enter with Tywin gone.

Game of Thrones - "The Wars to Come"Tyrion is crawling out of his crate literally after a long sea journey with Vaerys out of Westeros. Tyrion is hardly dealing with his actions. Instead he’s burying himself in alcohol as he reflects on the horrors he partook in. It’s almost laughable to him that Vaerys seems him as the man who can help bring about a new era in Westeros. Yet Vaerys believes it is a female who will be able to lead this new era in.

Daenerys is dealing with the Sons of Harpy as they are killing her unsullied. When one of her men, White Rat, is killed Daenerys wants it known that he unsullied lives are valued that meant a public burial. It was a cruel fate to be murdered and then left a mask like a sick calling card. She’s trying to establish her reign with honor and dignity. The fact that the people she rules over wants to reopen the fighting pits challenges her beliefs. Yet it is Daario who offers some sense as to those thoughts. However it was a slow erosion as she came to see that while it may be barbaric they are what they are. Which lead to her realizing that she too was hiding who she was, being the mother of dragons. She locked away her dragons for fear and confronting them only proved she was right to be afraid as they lashed out at her as well.

Game of Thrones - "The Wars to Come"Jon Snow is in an interesting position being a winter fell native, a man of the nights watch and one who spent time with the wildlings. Stannis wants Jon to persuade the wildlings to work for Stannis in exchange for freedom. Mance Rayder was not having that proposition. It went against everything that he believed it. He went over the wall for a reason and he didn’t plan to enlist his men in something he didn’t believe in. He died for his beliefs. It was a great show of respect with Jon putting the dying man out of misery rather than watch him writhe and scream as he was burned in front of a crowd. This was an act of defiance to Stannis and it will be interesting to see how his favoribility sways in the wake of this decision.

Sansa is still traipsing around with little finger. She’s changed so much as a character and much of that is closing herself off. Both are similar, creating plots behind the backs of others. It will be interesting to see how each of them play others to meet their needs. it was also nice seeing that the brat was getting some training even if he was awful.

Brienne and Podrick are fostering a difficult relationship. Brienne wants to give up. Those she trusts are dead or gone and arya proved that not everyone wants her help.

The one major character we didn’t catch up with was Arya.

What did you think of this episode?

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