Gotham – “Beasts of Prey” Review

Gotham - "Beast of Prey"Fish is in an interesting position trapped on the island. However, being the inventive and cunning woman she is she figured she could risk a walk outside to figure a way off the island. She’s sneaking around trying every angle, but none were working. Everywhere she went, there were others trying to get in their way. Fish is manipulative though and she was more than successful at accomplishing her get away with a helicopter full of escapees, but not without getting shot.

The case of the week led Gordon to a girl who’d been missing for months and finally turned up dead. This drew him to some speak easys which sounds like it would be interesting, but it just wasn’t. I’m surprised that Bullock even went along with it because it wasn’t their case. It was essentially charity work that Gordon dragged him into. That said, like always, things got interesting and Bullock became more engrossed. As much as Bullock likes to stay out of things and keep away from people who could make his life difficult. Bullock recognized the clues of the girl’s murder as that of a serial killer who’d been plaguing Gotham.

Gotham - "Beast of Prey"They went an different route than normal showing us bits and pieces of what happened to this girl. I have to admit that I was really intrigued by the scenes with the girl. Maybe it’s just because I just like to see Milo Ventimiglia, but it getting to see what happened in a non-mob related event was cool. It was also something we never saw. The glimpse of how she ended up in his grasp and the torment she was subjected to. She was a prisoner meant to play a very specific role of caring wife. However, when things didn’t work out he’d kill them. She was far from the first, but one of many.

Penguin’s story line was chump change. It was the kind of story that felt like it was there just to fill out an episode. Literally the only reason we saw this part of the story was to set up that this was where Penguin wanted to kill Maroni. Honestly, it takes away some of the fun of when that happens. This is one of the things I don’t love about the show. Rather than letting us see what happens and slowly revealing more of how things went bad, we are given everything before. We see all the pieces not just hinted at, but laid out.

Gotham - "Beast of Prey"Similarly, Bruce’s storyline didn’t add much to the story. That said, I enjoyed it quite a bit more as we got some sort of answers as to why Alfred was attacked.

What did you think of the episode?

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