The Originals – “Night Has A Thousand Eyes” Review

Dalia is finally rearing her ugly head in New Orleans. She made herself known on the middle of the streets, going so far as to send a message through Jackson. This rattled everyone in different ways. Klaus wants Dalia’s head. Freya wants to stick it to Dalia for all the torment she put her through. Jackson, so skeeved by the fact that Dalia got in his head, that he just wants to take Hayley, Hope, and his pack and get as far from New Orleans as possible. Everyone is split and feeling differently, which is exactly what Freya wanted.

I’m surprised that Klaus and Mikael were able to be in the same room for more than five minutes without fighting each other. Sure, there were plenty of nasty words exchanged, but there was no brawl and I was surprised. Instead they worked together to try to get rid of Dalia. It is the only thing they seem capable of agreeing on, hunting down something that shouldn’t exist. The banter between the two of them as they put aside some of their animosity was really enjoyable. Suddenly they were throwing all sorts insults each way and fighting. It is what they loved most and I enjoyed seeing them together. It made me almost wish to see the two together more frequently.

Jackson is so done with everything related to Klaus and the vampires. He’s getting the people he cares about out whether Klaus likes it or not. Honestly, it is both smart and foolish. In one sense, getting away from Dalia will buy them time, but it’s only time. Away is temporary, but Jackson can’t see that. He wants to escape. This attempt would bring the anger of Klaus down on him.

Dalia is one dangerous beast. So far her portrayal is all powerful. I’ve never seen a witch so strong and I’m not sure how Klaus and the others will contend with her. She can control them and abuse them with the flick of her wrist. She made it perfectly clear that she was not going to stop. Not until she got what she believed she was owed.

What did you think of the episode?

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