Agents of SHIELD – “Melinda” Review

Agents of SHIELD - "Melinda"We got some interesting flashbacks this week to Melinda May back before the formation of the Avengers. A time before May was The Cavalry. Back when she wanted to start a family with the man who was currently her husband. While the same, she was very different. There was a lightness to May. They were in Bahrain seeking out a woman on the index with superior strength. When the location was absorbed and took in an entire team of people, May had to go in. She was driven by wanting to protect the little girl being held as hostage. It became clear how May was established as The Cavalry. She totally deserved the nickname. More importantly they made the story of the nickname so much stronger than it could have been.

In the present, May is relating her flashbacks to the present. That said, I didn’t really get the connection. May agreed to work with “SHIELD” after learning that she wasn’t in the know with some of Coulson’s plans, particularly Theta Protocol. This is proving difficult for May as she doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Time and time again things are stacking against Coulson. May consummately practical and that means she has to put aside her belief in Coulson for stopping him before he does something dangerous.

The connection I did understand was Eva the girl May and Coulson pursued in Bahrain was a woman who had gone through the mist. She gained strength. It was May who had to bring Eva down. The problem was that Eva never should have gone through the mist. She went against Jaiying’s recommendation. Where things got interesting was Eva’s relationship to the little girl and the little girl’s power. She was much to powerful and seeing the result was an interesting twist. You came to understand why May had to become so cold, just as you saw why Jaiying had rules in place. Having the story told in this way made the story more effective. It was so well done that this will likely be an episode I remember for a long time.

Skye is training with her mother even though she doesn’t know she’s her mother. With her Skye is learning that what she can do is okay. Not only that but it is great and can be controlled. Skye is falling into a lull of security. Which made the reveal that Jaiying is her mother both shocking and relieving. Skye’s been through a lot and none of it has been good. This moment should have been good, but Skye isn’t that lucky. Instead, Jaiying informs Skye that their relationship can not be revealed because it would go against the rules of their society.

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “Agents of SHIELD – “Melinda” Review

  1. I thought the episode was handled very well. I thought that May having to kill both the Inhuman mother and daughter was a very emotional aspect of the episode. One thing that caught my attention was the name of one of the agents in the “Calvary” unit; O’Brien. O’Brien is the last name of a character in relation to Iron Man; the Guardsman. Potential buildup, considering it’s set tentatively pre-Iron Man. Just a thought.

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