Arrow – “Broken Arrow” Review

Spoilers. Oh so many spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Arrow - "Broken Arrow"Roy is in custody. All prints and evidence pointed to Roy solely. He and the rest of Team Arrow (sans Oliver) did everything in their power to make sure that Oliver could’t be held. Roy essentially gave up his freedom to help Oliver. it’s noble, but rough considering how he’s being treated. His first day in prison and he was already ambushed in a fight. Sure, he held his own against multiple guys that were much bigger. I have to admit that I didn’t see the guard stabbing Roy coming. Nor did I see the set up that meant he survived even if he was being shipped off out of the city now that he couldn’t stay. It brought out a lot of emotions in Oliver and it’s something we really needed to see. Oliver doesn’t cry often and it was good knowing that his friends really mean so much to him.

Quentin is out for his righteous cause. It should be hard for me to hate him due to his cause, his intentions, and our relationship with him. That said, I can’t support him. He’s become insufferably and I can’t wait until things come crashing down around him. It’s amazing how easily he transformed into a person I can easily root against. This time his determination is even more intense than before and is in a power position to get people to follow him.

Arrow - "Broken Arrow"Ray on the other hand is stepping up to help out Team Arrow. He’s a newbie on the field and we already know that Oliver is not good at mentoring. Ray doesn’t really want mentoring, but after his terrible run-in with a metahuman he ended up getting yelled at. Ray is such a light spot on the show that his dynamic just feels off on Arrow. After seeing how Ray fits in with the Flash crew he feels more out of place. Ray is an amateaur hero unlike Oliver. What was really interesting was Ray giving Oliver control over the suit. It was a really interesting scene and execution. The idea was really good. It ended up being a really great scene and I enjoyed the relationship between Oliver and Ray as Oliver encouraged Ray to fight on because he was a hero.

Felicity dropped some heavy truth on Oliver that really felt deep. When she told him that there was no Arrow any more it seemed like he finally got it. Ray made it so that he can no longer do what he set out to do. The Arrow that was out to save the city is turned in as far as the government is concerned. There’s so much heat on him that he needed to take a step back.

We got an additional tag at the end of the episode where Ray brought Simmons to Central City to be locked away. I love seeing Cisco even if it was only for a moment. However he brought up a very big question for the universe. Simmons was a metahuman, but he was not in Central City the night of the particle accelerator explosion when the other meta humans were created. That means there are other metahumans out there that don’t have an origin explanation.

While Roy may have made it out of the episode unscathed that can’t be said to anything. Oliver keeps slipping away from the direction Ra’s is pushing him. This forced Ra’s to take a more drastic action. The fact that he killed Thea will be a big problem. Like seriously, Thea is dead and not Roy dead, but dead dead.

What did you think of the episode?

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