Gearing Up for Querying

One of the hardest things about writing isn’t the writing, the editing, or figuring out where your story could potentially fit in the landscape. The hardest part is actually putting yourself out there.

The one thing that’s easiest to forget when you are putting yourself out there is that the piece you are shopping isn’t you. That piece of art is just something you made. You can let yourself think that it’s the only thing that matters. You can let yourself think that your creation defines you. As much as you tell yourself that it isn’t true. Your creation is just an extensions of you. An item that can be good or bad, but is not the be all end all.

When you put yourself out there you are essentially exposing yourself. It’s maybe one step up from walking around naked shouting here come like my stuff. It’s tough even if you master the separation between creation and creator. By the very set up of the situation you are placing a work into a position for it to be judged. In a society where we try so hard to get away from judging, our very nature and existence is reliant on judging.

The key is falling in love with your project. While that doesn’t mean not being able to see the flaws that are inherent in your story, it does mean that you need to be able to fight for your story against everyone else. You need to believe in your story. You need to feel like it’s something that you need to get out there.

I know that it’s really difficult. I struggle with it. I’ve been working on my epic fantasy for two years now. I love it with all my heart and I’m constantly trying to make it better. While I keep seeing things that I can improve on, I’m reaching the point where I need to muster my courage and just put it out there. At the end of the day all I can do is create a project that I am proud of even if it isn’t perfection to others. My story is something that I love and something that I’m willing to fight for. I just have to remind myself that I feel that way when it comes time to let others in to have an opinion of my work.

How do you get yourself ready to submit?

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